Shhhh Satin Blindfold

Style Notes
"I have a surprise for you" she whispered, as she led him to her boudoir. Amidst the candles and rose petals he saw an small arsenal of sensual treasures. As she guided him towards the bed he caught a glimpse of the blindfold she had laid out. "Oooooh la la" is all he could think to say. She turned to him and asked, "Would you like to be the teaser, or the teased?" . He wrapped the soft satin over her eyes and gently tied it for her. "How about a little of both?"
Soft Satin Blindfold is specially designed to contour the shape of the face for a sensual and comfortable fit. 77 inches long.
Perfect for a relaxing massage or a sensual night with your special someone.
Blindfold embroidered with "Oooooh!" on one site and "Shhhh" on the reverse.
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