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Too hot to handle? Time to “hose it down” a bit. But then again, you are at Hips & Curves and we are here to turn up the heat. When we say “hose it down”, we really mean time to put on your plus size hosiery game! We have pantyhoses that will please your thighs (definitely your lover too). And before you dismiss it as some boring piece, did we say that it was crotchless too? You read that right ladies. Who would have thought that a gem like that could be gift that keeps on giving? And if you aim to stay up the whole night, then we are sure that our plus size stay-up hosiery is here to do it with you too! The trims of each are various. We have luscious laces and racy ribbons to name a few. Delicious details are also in the mix. Fill your fantasy’s appetite with our sexy stripes, babe-liscious backseams and feisty fishnets! Plus, we have a full fishnet bodysuit just for you. It is cupless too - so you know what to do. Make your lover weak in the knees when you enter the bedroom with just a thong and an over the knee plus size hosiery pulled up by your chosen garter clips and underbust corset. We know that just a thought of it makes you wildly wonder. So we are sure that when this plan hits the road, it is a saucy story to be relished later.