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Go ahead and take the plunge! Presenting Hips & Curves plus size plunge bras!
Say yes to full on support and extra-voluptuousness without the pain of an unreliable (and rather questionable) straps.
We got low-cut bras that will please and tantalize every daring style and dashing onlooker. Whether you are aiming to wear a deep-v dress or low-cut shirts and tops, we got your needs all “covered” up with our plus size plunge bras.
And of course, as much as you love the function, we know you also love the fashion!
We got a wide selection of materials to choose from. We have cottons, laces and even jacquard! Aside from this, we have hues that will give you all the blush rush that you need. We have reds to fire up your passion, blues that will make you blossom, blacks that will make you feel brilliant and pastels that will make you feel pleasure! And with adjustable straps, underwire and full on triple hooke and eye closure, you know it is going to be functional, fashionable and supportive throughout your day. No need to sacrifice comfort to feel sexy!
So what are you waiting for love? Let’s get it on and #BEFULLYYOU. Grab your own set of Hips & Curves plunge bras and let’s take a daring style dive!