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What is the offspring of a divine being and a mortal? A demi-god. And what do you get when you marry full on support and a dash of cheekiness? A Hips & Curves plus size demi bra! Sometimes called a shelf bra, but we are sure if you have this one, it is not going to stay “in the closet shelf” for long. They are just too glamorous to hide from the world and yourself! You deserve this yummy plus size treat in order to #BEFULLYYOU that we can guarantee! From the soft feminine looks down to the femme fatale styles, our Hips & Curves plus size demi collection has the right piece waiting for you to desire, shop and wear. Channel your inner sassy girl with our strappy gems or go for the classic with our strong lace demiettes. Feeling the call of the sensual seas? Why not try our scallop plus size demi bras? Invoke your inner Juliet with our balconette ones. And if you are looking for a piece that will go with all of your moods in a snap, our convertible plus size shelf bras are ready for the shopping!
So you see dear gorgeous, it is time to embrace the divinity within. In this case, our plus size demi bras are here to unleash your goddessness in or out of the bedroom. Enjoy sleek sexiness and sophistication with full on support that your curves definitely deserve! And with wide options of hues? We got every shade that will make you blush every day.