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“The plus size community needs your support!” That is the chant of the current generation of brave and amazing curvies. We heard you loud and clear, ladies! That is why here in Hips & Curves, we provide the needed “curve support” in two ways.
Yes. You do get the love posts we share daily in all of our social media pages, reminding you of your shine. But we also know that you love the kind of support we were really meant to give as a brand. Plus size bras are here to hold you and your girls up. ALL THE WAY- self-esteem and physical wise!
We got delicate bralettes that will match your intimate moods, while our plunge plus size bras are here to support your daring side of style. And for the hard working days, where function is needed more than just fashion, do not fret, gorgeous! We got full-on support bras that are just ready to back you up. But just because they are for “work” does not mean you will look run-down. All of these working janes are sophisticated to look at, making any lover say “oh yes” as soon as you take your top off.
Second to the last, if you are feeling a bit magical (“mermaid feels”, as we call it), we have shelf or demi-bra styles to give you just that. And if that is not enough, we got sleek convertible bras that adjusts for both of your style and comfort.
So whatever piece your curves and desires are beckoning for, you know we are here to support your decision. Shop for your Hips & Curves plus size bras online and let the curvy revolution continue!