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  • I purchased the mon amour charmeuse corset, two pairs of lace top thigh highs, and the black petticoat. I could not be more thrilled with my purchase!!! The corset is stunning and so well-made. It fits as if it were created for me. Also, I have never found thigh high hosiery that actually does fit well and stays up without garters until now. I will forever be a faithful customer! I feel beautiful, sexy, and confident wearing my Hips and Curves.

    Best Regards,
    Nicole, Richmond, KY 

  • Hello Hips & Curves,
    I am a new client and have just received my order, the patent leather skirt. I LOVE it!!!
    At first I wasn't sure how it would fit because it's patent leather,  but it seems to be well constructed (even though I haven't worn yet, just tried on) 
    I Love that it's lined so easy to slip in to.  Love that it's Elastic Waist so u don't have to worry about zipper closures etc. It's hot fun sexy patent leather made easier for the woman to move in which I APPRECIATE. 

    Your customer, Natalie

  • my wife being a plus size never wanted me to buy her any sleepwear. found your website and it looked nice. bought a few things for her as a surprise. she said oh no you bought me lingerie and you know it won't fit me. ah ha! your lingerie fits perfect and she just loves it. just ordered a few more things for her and I know she'll like them. now she's feeling sexy again. thanks for your products and I'm sure i'll being doing more shopping in the future.

    thanks again, russ

  • I was looking everywhere for plus size sexy school girl skirts, and finally I found it on your site. Thank you do much for allowing me to be the sexy woman I feel I can be. I've recently turned 50 and I have found a new sense of myself. I am so happy I finally found a place to find cute, up to date lingerie and costumes. I can't wait to get my first shipment!

    Juanita G

  • I went to your site looking for some tasteful lingerie for my wife.  I went through your "Tips for Men" area, and went through all of the areas for sizing and getting the proper sizes. I was leery at first, afraid things might be to big or small because she fell between sizes, but I followed your tips and everything looked stunning on her. You made it so simple and easy to get good quality, and tasteful lingerie that my wife loves.  After I introduced her to her gifts, I introduced her to your site where I purchased the items.  She is very excited how you have so many things that are truly beautiful and sexy, not just the normal trashy looking items she is used to seeing.  Thank you for your easy to follow instructions for men who have never done this before, and for making me look like I knew what I was doing.  I am certain we will be ordering more of your products.  We have already looked through the site together so she could give me more ideas.  ;) . 

    Thank you,

    Brian K.
    A very satisfied customer 

  • Dear Hips and Curves~

    It's so hard to walk into the mall and see all these cute and sexy outfits that are made for a size 1. My husband and I have searched all over where we live and the internet for some outfits that would fit me.

    I have went from a size 20 to a size 14/16. We came across your site in advertisement on facebook. We were hesitant because some places have cute stuff but the quality of the item was not worth the money. A month ago, we bought some items from Hips and Curves to give it a change. WE ARE IN LOVE!! Not only was the items perfect but they were also well made. I wish you had a store here in Florida, we would be in the your store all the time. Thank you! Thank you for the amazing stuff you have for us plus size women. It's great to know that no matter what size we are, we can still be just as cute and sexy as the Victoria Secret models. We are excited to get our new items that we just ordered :)

    ~Mrs. Amber Grace~

  • I don't normally go out of my way to fill out surveys or send emails complimenting a product, but I just have to on yours. I love your website and would love to order one of everything if I could!

    A year or so ago, I ordered 3 pairs of your all over lace cheeky thong. It seemed a bit expensive but I really wanted some sexy underwear. WOW did they deliver!! They hide my tummy, they are unbelievable comfortable and they have held up amazingly!! I have spent money on all kinds of lace panties over the years and none have held up so nicely!! I absolutely love them!! Great work on such a great product! I just ordered 6 more pairs and will continue to order my underwear from you, along with recommending your product to any girl looking for really great plus size panties!

    Again, thanks so much for such a great product!


  • Good morning from Australia. I just received my third order now from you and I felt compelled to write and say just how much I love your lingerie. It's beautifully made, your sizing guides are spot on and it enables me as a sexy curvy size 14 to feel like a sensual goddess for myself and my partner. 

    There is nothing close to the lingerie you offer available in Australia and I feel so fortunate that I found your website. 

    Thank you and keep up the great work. 

    Kind regards,

    Emma - Perth, Western Australia.

  • Dear Hips and Curves~

    It's so hard to walk into the mall and see all these cute and sexy outfits that are made for a size 1. 
    My husband and I have searched all over where we live and the internet for some outfits that would fit me.

    I have went from a size 20 to a size 14/16. We came across your site in advertisement on facebook. We were hesitant because some places have cute stuff but the quality of the item was not worth the money. A month ago, we bought some items from Hips and Curves to give it a change. WE ARE IN LOVE!! Not only was the items perfect but they were also well made. I wish you had a store here in Florida, we would be in the your store all the time. Thank you! Thank you for the amazing stuff you have for us plus size women. It's great to know that no matter what size we are, we can still be just as cute and sexy as the Victoria Secret models. We are excited to get our new items that we just ordered :)

    ~Mrs. Amber Grace~

  • I literally just got my order from the fedex guy and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I have never found lingerie that I feel sexy in, until now! I can not believe how amazingly confident I feel in this outfit. And the quality is unbelievable for the price! I will be making all my future orders with you guys and spreading the word to every woman I know. BIG GIRLS CAN HAVE FUN TOO!!!! Thank you!!!


  • Hi there, 

    I just placed an order for a few more bras and thought I'd drop you a quick note of thanks.

    Thanks for making bras that works for girls with boobs.  Honestly, that is SO HARD to find!  Your clothing is so comfortable, bra's included.  So thanks for making real clothes.

    Thanks for using real people.  Your models are gorgeous.  Although you cater to larger women, your modeling is tasteful and beautiful without shoving it down the throat of women that are smaller, and not always because they want to be.  Your models are beautiful without being ostentatious.  They are real.  So, thanks for using real women in your advertising.  We need more of that in the world.

    Thanks for your selection.  I have more bras than a girl rightfully needs, but they are awesome and make my boobs do spectacular things :)

    This site has been a pleasure for me to show my girlfriends that are also full figured.  It's tame enough for even the most modest lady to view and see models that are more like her body shape and find bras that work for her and feel nice.  It's also fun enough in the 'back' for the more adventurous of us.

     Beth from Ontario, Canada

  • I've never written a company thanking them for their products. You have matered the art of plus size lingerie in a way no one else could. Wearing your products make me feel confident and beautiful instead of being embarrassed about being plus-size! Thank you so much for making me feel that way. I cried the first time I put on your products because I had never before felt so beautiful and my husband loves loves loves your products!


  • My Fiancee bought me a few sexy items for Valentines day and I just wanted to take the time to let you know that I am SO happy with them! It's hard to find the right lingerie for my size and all of the pieces I received fit like a dream, I really couldn't have imagined I would ever look and feel so damn sexy! 

    Thank you for your great quality, quick shipping and all around great service. I look forward to ordering a few more items very, very soon! 

    Lauren S.
    San Antonio, Texas

  • Hello

    I absolutely adore many of the items you have, but as a 5X/6X sized woman I get left out of the picture so often with items. I doubt that I would be the only larger sized woman who would buy more beautiful items if they were available. The bigger we are the sexier and more beautiful we want (and need sometimes)  to feel (please see picture attached) This is where places like Hips&Curves comes in. The market savvy company that is willing to make clothes or even clothes on demand for larger sizes will do very well for itself I'm sure.

    In the mean time, thank you for what you do offer...sexuality and sensuality through the beautiful curves of voluptuous females. Nicely done.

    In appreciation,


  • I am not the most overweight of women at a size twelve. However, I am very short and it is so difficult to find anything cute or, dare I say sexy, for a woman as uniquely shaped as I am. Your collection is amazing and makes me feel included into the world of fashion and sexiness. As corny as it sounds, your website offers so much more than just clothes or lingerie, it gives women of all shapes and sizes an opportunity to feel good about themselves. Again, thank you.

    Manchester, MI

  • Dear Hips and Curves,

    I just ordered a few things from Hips and Curves as a surprise for my husband, they arrived today, so we planned a special "private evening" for tonight...let me just say, when you open your bedroom door and your husband of 15 years GASPS as he checks out your sexy lingerie, it's a pretty amazing moment. Thanks for making such amazing, high-quality intimates that are made with curvy women in mind. I really appreciated the obvious special touches put into the garments, like the sturdy garters, generously-cut stockings, and quality stitching and construction. You guys rock!


  • Hi. I just received my first Hips and Curves order…WOW!!! Not only fast delivery but fabulous lingerie, fits perfectly, looks amazing and I have a VERY happy husband!!! Thanks so much for catering to us curvy girls!! I am going back online to shop for more right now!!!

    Auckland, New Zealand

  • I received my order from your company, and I couldn't be happier with the quality of the items I ordered! So, of course I placed another order! I am really pleased with the ease of the ordering process, and the quick shipping. You earned a permanent customer! Thank you!

    Bismarck, ND

  • Hello, I've always loved your site but never ordered from it. Well, I finally got the chance to go on a little lingerie spree and found some amazing items. I've always had problems buying the perfect bras that would fit just right in retail stores. When I finally got my packages, I was in absolute glee. Everything fits perfectly and makes me feel incredibly sexy! Thank you sooooo much H&C; I'll definitely be back!!

    Payette, ID

  • Let me take a moment to share how much I love Hips and Curves! Today I received my second order from your site. The first time I ordered a beautiful piece of lingerie and stockings. I opened the package to find a well made product that looks amazing on my full figure. I knew it wouldn't be my last purchase. Fast forward three months later to last Friday. I had some money burning a hole in my pocket and I decided to order a few more essentials. I ordered two beautiful baby dolls, a soft and comfy robe and a pair of lounging pants. Too good to be true. When I arrived home from work today and the package was waiting for me on my front step I jumped up and down with excitement. I ripped open the package and unwrapped the items. Beautiful! I am so pleased with your company, the service I have received and products I have ordered. THANK YOU HIPS AND CURVES. You help me look as sexy and beautiful on the outside as I feel on the inside.

    Minneapolis, MN

  • Today I received my order. I just wanted to say that the shelf bra is exactly what I was looking for, and it is a perfect and comfortable fit. Thank you so much. I am thrilled with this purchase.

    Canyon Country, CA

  • I just received my order today and I am very pleased with the fit and quality of my purchases! (So was my husband!) I will definitely be ordering again! It has been so hard to find anything that fits and looks good after having a baby a few months ago. Thank you!

    Springboro, OH

  • I ordered last week from hips and curves, for the first time, Thank you Thank you Thank you..I was very impressed with the accuracy of my order, the quick shipping, and the overall experience. WOW .. I will order again and again and recommend this web site to all my plus sized friends.

    Edmonton, AB

  • Dear Hips and Curves,

    My second order from H&C arrived today and I am over the moon! Since I found your site, I've been 'window shopping' every week, dreaming of looking amazing in lingerie FINALLY. When this order arrived, I ran into my room to try it all on and I had tears of joy when I looked in the mirror. Being a plus size woman doesn't mean we aren't sexy goddesses.Thank you for allowing my goddess to shine.


    Gold Coast, Australia

  • I am getting married in September and when my partner suggested i get some sexy "things" for the wedding night my heart sank. I love having a big, soft, sexy curvy body, but trying to squish it into the ridiculously small lingerie that is the usual "plus-sized" fare...not so much. So excited to see your wonderful catalog of things that are not only sized to appreciate and accentuate my curves, but are also sexy as hell!

    Enfield, CT

  • WOW!! I must say... what exquisite service!! I was browsing and stumbled upon your website just after midnight on Thursday. Got to checking out your clearance and found some really amazing deals! I placed an order and I am extremely happy with the whole process and I'm about to get on right now and order more!! Thank you for such awesome service, you just don't find it anymore.

    April Hamilton

    Fort Worth, TX

  • Dear Hips and Curves,

    I just received my order and - as usual - everything fits perfectly, is beautifully sewn, and makes me feel like the prettiest girl at the ball. Thank you so much!

    This year, I directed my boyfriend to your site and said, "For your birthday, I'll wear anything you want." His eyes doubled in size. "How do I know if it will fit you?" he asked. Imagine my delight at being able to say, "Darling, I can wear anything this company makes."

    He got so excited picking out his birthday gift and we had to, eh, finish ordering later.

    Thank you again! We'll certainly be back!

    Yours truly,

    Kaitlin< br/ > Louisville, KY

  • I just wanted to say that I am absolutely thrilled with my recent purchase! I was really surprised at how quickly it arrived. Everything was as described and fits perfectly. I have had a lot of trouble in the past with online stores claiming to carry plus sizes, either their selection is horribly limited, incredibly over-priced, only has the very lower end of plus size or the sizing is all completely off. Everything about your site was perfect, I feel like I paid a good price for quality materials, that actually fit! So, thank you so much Hips & Curves!

    Wichita, KS

  • I love everything about your website. Your stuff makes me feel comfortable in my skin and know I look great on what I have on.

    Thank you,


  • Thank you so much for this site! It's a pleasure to find a company who doesn't cater to the belief that beauty can only come in sizes below 6.

    Beautiful lingerie for REAL figures. I share your site with all my friends and I can't tell you how grateful we are to find clothes in our sizes that are sexy and affordable!

    Dallas, TX

  • Hello!

    I just have to tell you that I ordered for the first time from H&C and am VERY happy with the product. I bought the ruffled two layer petticoat in black and wore a short slip under it. My fiancee and I went country western dancing and I BLEW HIM AWAY! The next morning I couldn't wait to come back to your site and find some more gems.

    Very happy indeed,

    AZ, USA

  • I just wanted to write and say thank you. I just received my second order from you in the mail, and I was impressed by how prompt the service was.

    I love the quality of your products, your well-made website, and that you have models who are beautiful and curvy so that your customers can see how they fit on comparable figures. I have never been one for fancy lingerie or undergarments, but that was before I found your site. Thank you so much for existing, and for being classy, reasonably priced, and fun. I will definitely order from you again.

    Kristen F.
    Louisville KY

  • I have been searching EVERYWHERE on the net for plus size lingerie for the past year with no avail, in the end I felt hopeless! Until now! Not only do I find lingerie on your website, I find the most stunning women modeling your product!!! Seeing your website, the products you sell and the models who beautifully show off your product has given me a huge boost in self esteem. Every big girls nightmare is purchasing a piece of lingerie for the person she loves, seeing it look great on a thin model, getting it home and realizing you don't look anything like she did!!! My skin bulges here, her's didn't, this digs in here, her's didn't. etc. just knowing that I can come back to your website and see how stunning these NORMAL and HEALTHY sized woman look in your lingerie has made my day!!! Yay you guys!

    Teresa M.
    New Zealand

  • Dear Hips and Curves,

    Firstly I have to say I was so pleasantly surprised when I found your site, "real women" as your models, stunningly sexy and gorgeous lingerie, reasonable prices, and shipping to Australia, is what won me over! I ordered several gorgeous pieces and waited patiently for them to arrive. When I came home today, I grabbed the box, ripped it open and tried on most of it. EVERYTHING FITTED perfectly!!!! I am soooo happy! I then sent a picture to my partner at work wearing one of the outfits. His reply......"Oh my..". This says it all ladies!!!! Hands down the best site for lingerie ever!!! I will be back!

    Miss T.

  • Dear Hips and Curves,

    I just received my order today and I'm thrilled! I couldn't believe the fit and how flattering my item was. I feel not only comfortable but sexy as well. Oh and thank you so much for using real women in your photos. I seriously feel like I got some of my VA VA VOOM back! I will definitely be telling others about this website and how to form the fit was. Thanks again.

    Centreville, VA

  • Good Afternoon,

    I just wanted to say a huge Thank You for my order coming in so fast!!

    That's phenomenal and awesome. Everything fits perfectly and it will go great with the outfit I have selected for the wedding I am attending.

    Thank You,

    Calgary, AB

  • Good Afternoon,

    I just wanted to pass on my many thanks and sheer astonishment at how quickly my order arrived. I ordered three pieces (for my up coming wedding) yesterday afternoon and I had thought since Hips & Curves is based in Texas, my order would receive at the at of the week, at best - but just in time for my dress fitting.

    But no - it all arrived this afternoon! A 24- hour turn around to Canada! Thank you so much.

    Ps. The pieces are amazing! You can bet your butt I'm ordering from Hips & Curve's again! :)

    Thank You,

    Barbie D.
    Calgary, AB

  • Dear Hips & Curves,

    I just first want to say thank you!!!!!! I am so tired of the stores that only cater to the smaller woman and the selection for us anywhere else is so limited or is frumpy. I recently was in the mall of America looking for something special for my upcoming wedding and was discouraged to only find Victoria's secret and Fredrick's of Hollywood. Lane Bryant had a few things but nothing what I was looking for. I decided to look online and here you are!!! I am a little nervous ordering online and worry things won't fit properly, but I am anxious to get my parcel! I will definitely order more and wish I had order a few other things that caught my eye, but I will wait and see how things fit and then order my next bunch of stuff. It is so wonderful to be able to find pretty and sexy stuff as well as risqué things for more adventurous nights.

    Thank you again,


  • Dear Hips & Curves,

    I just wanted to let you know I received my order today. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I could not wait to try on my new garter belt, stockings, and panties. I love the way they look on me. I wore them when I went to pick my hubby up from work, along with a bustier, under a button front dress. When I showed him what I was wearing under my dress, he was very pleased and excited! I will be ordering from you again. I love all the things I have ordered from you. Thank you so much for realizing us curvy ladies love to look sexy, too!


    Ann B. Parks
    Cheriton, VA

  • Hi!

    I received my order today (2 days earlier than expected!)...and it is *gorgeous*....I love love love Hips n Curves...things fit, and are flattering and reasonably priced to boot!

    Thank you a thousand special valentine will love the Heart Cup negligee...


  • I received my first order from your company and am absolutely thrilled! My purchases fit wonderfully and are a joy to wear. When I was shopping, your site was easy to use and had exactly what I was looking for. Shipping was fast and communication excellent. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you!

    La Porte, Texas

  • I just love the way you give a classy big girl self esteem to feel great just the way she is!


  • Hi there, I was on your site just now and felt compelled to leave feedback. I was thrilled to find this site after trying many other plus size websites that just didn't have many choices for fun and sexy items! I figured with Valentine's Day coming up that I would order a few things from my hubby to me... Ha! I was so pleased with the selection offered, the prices, and promotions! I called in to see if I could have my shipment rushed because when I ordered, I didn't pay attention to the shipping dates and realized that it might not make it here for V-Day! The rep who helped me was so kind and helpful, come to find out my order had already shipped! I placed my order on a Saturday, called Tuesday and it had actually shipped the day before. I received my items in discreet packaging and in a mere 4 business days! Pretty fast shipping!!! I LOVE every single piece and they all fit perfect! I am so happy to have found and will be a FOREVER customer! I can't wait until Valentine's Day to see my husbands reaction!

    WA, USA

  • Dear Hips And Curves,

    I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much I appreciate your site. I hope so much that you find even more beautiful things for us bigger gals. I have loved everything you have sent so far (though the steampunk skirt was longer in the picture, but I am very short too), everything fits properly because your size charts are dead on. I wish I could buy everything! You have a customer in me until I run out of money/things to buy. Thank you for this site, I tell everyone about it.


    J. Michele
    Malden, MA

  • Dear Hips And Curves,

    First off, thanks for asking my opinion on your website and products. I know it helps you out, but it's nice to be heard, especially as a plus size woman who wants lingerie that makes her feel sexy. I love teddies and sexy things that have breast support. I have lost about 80 pounds and my chest is slowly heading south, so I feel much sexier with support up top. I love your camisole and knicker collection as well. Since my weight loss my thighs have developed a roll of baby fat that I don't like. Those knickers are sexy and help cover up the bits I am least comfortable with. Plus, they are cotton, which is so nice. I love that your website offers so many wonderfully sexy things! Keep on doing what you're doing!


    Jenny N.
    Lexington, Kentucky

  • Dear Hips And Curves,

    Thank you for the welcome email from Rebecca. I found your website to be both professional and tasteful. With gorgeous models and beautiful lingerie. I am a first time customer with you and received the 3 items I order today. OMG!!! They are AWESOME !! I am so excited about surprising my love with the new lingerie. Your site is at the top of my favorites list and I will definitely be coming back for more. Thank you for having lingerie that actually loves my curves. I have never felt more sexy or sensual in intimate garments.


    DJ< br/> One Happy Woman in NW Florida

  • Hi,

    I just wanted to say that I love Hips and Curves. I've always felt sexy on the inside, and when fully dressed. But until I discovered Hips and Curves, I never knew that I could be sexy only "partially" dressed. I feel so confident now and I feel like a woman. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    Sarah H.

  • Hi!

    Just a quick one to say that I thought ur range of big gals lingerie was incredible and look forward to ordering some choice items for my partner and I to enjoy. Thank u so much as my gals of the more curvaceous type was getting frustrated as she wanted to look and feel hot and sexy in naughty undies and ur product range has given her the power to do so as the range in england is fairly limited to the more main stream sizes. Again thank you for helping her and me with our love life.

    Nick T.
    Portsmouth Hampshire, Uk

  • Hi!

    I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your website, products and quality of service. The last order I placed with you was here in a week. I have just placed another and fingers crossed it will be the same. As a taller "fuller" figure, it is great that there is such a choice on your site. I have just performed my first public burlesque act with my group and wore the ruffle two layer petticoat in black which was much admired. I hope to do much more of the same since it has been three days since we danced and I am still on a high!!! Thank you Hips and Curves for helping me to release my Inner Diva!!!! Xx

    Jane A.

  • Hey! I just wanted to say thank you so much. I am a curvy girl and I haven't always been comfy with my curves. My boyfriend wanted me to "flaunt what the good lord gave me" lol. So I decided that I'd try to find something sexy that would flatter all the right places. That's when I discovered your site! OMG! I love it! I ordered the first piece and felt instantly sexy and beautiful. And when I stepped out in it he was speechless! I was NEVER the "sexy girl". But thanks to Hips and Curves I am one hot momma!!! You have made me proud of my curves and shown me that I am sexy. I'll never be able to thank you enough. I received my second piece in the mail a couple of days ago and it's even better than the first. I look forward to a long friendship with hips and curves and I'm having some photos taken in your lingerie for my boyfriend and to submit to your model search. Thanks again for all you do!

    Nicole R.
    Gordo, AL

    Thank You!!

  • I've fallen in love with your site, your company and your products. I'm a size 18/240lbs and have trouble shopping at regular retail lingerie stores. I recently ordered the schoolgirl Halloween costume. It fits absolutely perfectly (thanks to the very accurate size chart) and the costume is very high quality! I also ordered panties and thigh-high stockings and they're perfect as well. The prices are great for the quality of your products and the shipping was fast! So again...THANK YOU!!

    Livonia, MI

    Thank You!!

  • I wanted to thank you for your web site. My fiancee is 6'3" and around 250 lbs, and it is nearly impossible to find clothing for her, much less lingerie, and most of what we CAN find is usually grandmotherly and not flattering.

    I believe she's beautiful enough that she would look good in a paper sack, but your lingerie has helped her feel sexy again, and I cannot thank you enough. Your lingerie is cute and sexy and original, and I love that you use plus size models in your ads instead of stick figure women with "available in plus sizes" under her picture.

    I will definitely be buying more from you as Halloween approaches.

    Again, thank you for your company and all it has done for couples around the world.

    Ben G., Orlando, FL.

  • I love it!

    My HC1001 bra came today. Two days early!

    I tried it on as soon as I got inside. It fits and feels better than my "regular" bras; true to size. I bought it for special occasions but I think I'll be wearing it more frequently. It looks great under a t-shirt.

    You have a customer for life now.

    Julie V.
    Portland, OR

  • A mere 26 hours ago, I placed an order. See, I messed up. I needed something but was heading out of town on Monday, only 3 days away. That meant I needed it to arrive the next day, as FedEx doesn't deliver on weekends. I figured I was out of luck. I was sad. I was also across the country from you. As soon as you opened for another day's business, I called. I knew what I was asking for was a long shot, but I thought I'd ask anyway. "Can you please process this order now and have it on my doorstep in practically another country by tomorrow? Pretty please? It'll mean so much to me! I'll be your best friend, and not just the Facebook kind?" "Yeah, no problem." Huhwha? "Seriously?" "Seriously." I was happy already. But it didn't end there. Today, FedEx arrived with my box of goodies and I have just one word for what was inside: AMAZING. Everything fit as promised. Everything looked hot/pretty/smoldering as pictured on your site. Everything was just what I wanted. And, it was here before I left for my trip, meaning my husband gets to appreciate just how hot/pretty/smoldering/well fitting/timely everything in that box is while we vacation away. To that helpful associate: thanks from both of us. I love you, Hips & Curves. And he loves you. And I'm okay with that. ;)

    Erin D.
    Fenton, MI

  • Hi Hips and Curves, I just wanted to write an email to say that I am truly happy with my purchase! I used to feel terrible about my body, convinced that I just wasn't one of those 'sexy' girls, but when I got my order I couldn't believe how amazing it made me feel. I love my purchases and so does my fiancé. Couldn't be more satisfied. THANK YOU!!!!!

    Domino.S - Mackay, QLD

  • Hi! I almost cried from joy when I found your website. It's really hard finding lingerie that will flatter my curves. And when I do find it, it's not reasonably priced like the wonderful things on your website. Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my purchase! Thank you so much for selling flattering lingerie for those of us who do not fit into the "minus size" category that places like Victoria's Secret and Fredrick's cater to! Besides, I like what your website has better than what those minus size have. I figure since women like me are called plus size, the women who aren't plus size should be called minus size, LOL. After the initial difficulty I had putting on the corset for the first time (I've never worn one before), I discovered that fits great: it flattens my belly and uplifts my bustline. In other words, it does everything I would expect a corset to do! I was actually afraid that it wouldn't be long enough for my very long torso (my torso is so long I have to buy swimsuits in the tall section even though I am only 5'4"), but I discovered that my fears were unfounded when I tried it on. Despite my long torso, it's plenty long enough to cover my belly. I love the rich emerald green color, and I love how the black trim enhances its beauty! I also love how versatile it is! I could wear it with jeans and a cardigan for karaoke night at my favorite bar, or I could dress it up with a black skirt and velvet blazer for a formal date with my boyfriend. Or I could wear it without a blazer or cardigan for a romantic night in. My boyfriend hasn't seen it yet, since I'm saving it for a special occasion, but when I told him I had ordered a corset, he was very excited. I'm looking forward to figuring out different combinations of outfits involving it! And I can't wait to show it off to my BF! Your customer service was so helpful! I wasn't sure what size to order, since I'd like to drop thirty pounds by the end of this year for health reasons, and I want the corset to fit me for several years to come. (I don't want to lose so much weight that my curves go away, I absolutely love my curves, I just want to lose enough weight to improve my health. I'm trying to drop down two or three dress sizes because that'll keep me curvy, but I'll be a lot healthier.) I don't remember whom I spoke with in customer service, but she suggested that I order one size down and lace it a little looser so that it'll still work if my weight loss is successful. So I ordered a 40 instead of a 42, laced it looser, and it's worked great! I'm so thrilled with this particular corset that I might end up buying it in a different color, too! Thank you so much for helping us curvy gals to find beautiful lingerie! You have definitely earned a repeat customer!

    K.W. New Mexico, USA

  • I absolutely LOVVVVEEEE Hips & Curves! I have a lot of them and it's so refreshing to find a store that actually caters to a big girl's needs! I feel so extra sexy when I put on my lingerie that fits in all the right places and shows what is supposed to be shown! Thank you for allowing me to get my SEXY BACK!

    LaToya W. St. Michael, MN

  • I just placed my 5th order with Hips and Curves, and I couldn't be happier. I go out to clubs and games every weekend, and I've never gotten more compliments on my outfits since I discovered your site. I've become a clothing lending library to my friends, and since I have a stockpile of your accessories, petticoats, skirts, et al, we've made your stuff the backbone of our outfits for everything from goth to industrial to Folsom Street Faire. Your corsets are the most comfortable I've ever worn, getting me through non-stop weekends of dancing, drinking, and mad LARPing (Live Action Role Play, kinda like in the movie Role Models, but with more Victorian costuming). I constantly recommend your site for the sexiest, strongest, best priced corsets out there to everyone who comments on my outfits, and I know I've turned at least a few of my friends your way. Thank you for being the most awesome site I love to waste my money on, and I can't wait for my next order to arrive so I can start planning new looks!

    Your loyal and devoted customer,

    Lindsay Los Angeles, CA

  • I just wanted to write to tell you that I received my order today. It is a surprise for my boyfriend. He likes everything black and silky. Of which I had none. I was pleased when I found your site. I instantly saw something I knew he would love. The lace up babydoll. I will say I was nervous to order it. I was concerned about fit and showing that much skin. Not all of us curvy girls are comfortable with our curves all the time and nothing is more devastating that loving something that will never fit. But I got it anyway. I could not wait for it to arrive. I instantly tried it on and LOVED the way I look. I know my man will love it as well. He works out of town and it we can go weeks without seeing each other. He will be thrilled to see that I got something he sort of suggested and that I really like as well. It was so great that even though I live in the middle of no where the shipping was fast and that even with the lack of stores for curvy women in my area I still have the ability to get great stuff that fits and looks amazing. I love you guys and will be showing your site to my man so we can shop together.

    Dawn B Sioux City, IA

  • I ordered several things from Hips & Curves for a birthday surprise for my boyfriend & boy was he surprised. I was so happy when I got everything & tried it all on & everything fit! I felt amazing while wearing my new Lingerie which is something I've never been able to say. My boyfriend loved how I looked & was a very happy birthday boy. Thanks so much for such great products for us women who aren't a size 0. Can't wait to pick out my next surprise.

    Extremely satisfied

    P. Jones
    Valparaiso, IN

  • Hi I received my order and I was very pleased with the quality of the garments. I had ordered a couple of pairs of panties and the Edwardian chemise. I have bookmarked your site and I will definitely be a future customer!

    Catherine S. Toronto, Ontario

  • This will be my second (of many!) orders from Hips and Curves. For the first time in my life, I feel completely and comfortably beautiful (and my husband says I'm looking HOT!!!)

    Thank you!

    Kate R.

  • I just wanted to let you know how fantastically pleased I am with both the product and the shipping! I was worried when I received an email today telling me my product had shipped, thinking it would not arrive by the date I needed it. When I came home, I found it on my doorstep! I was more than thrilled, I ran upstairs to try it on immediately. The fit is comfortable and perfect and did a great job reducing my waist size! A fantastic product, and I have many more things from your website that I have my eye on! Once I save up more, you can bet that I will be a constant customer of yours. It's really great to finally find a website with products made for curvier girls and their figures.

    Thank you!

    Ashley B. Manchester, New Hampshire

  • I just wanted to let you all know that I received my order today (in record time, too!). I was so excited to open it and thrilled when I tried everything on. My items fit perfectly and I actually felt sexy wearing lingerie for the first time in so long! Thank you all so much for this amazing company! I feel like it's okay that I'm not stick-thin and still want to wear cute underwear. You all are fantastic!

    Michele D. from Richmond, Va.

  • I just received my second underbust corset from your site and love it. The quality is unbelievable and it looks hot on! I use it as a back brace, but it looks so great that I can wear it over clothes as a fashion statement. The boys definitely like it! (And I love the looks I get around town when I wear it too!

    S.H. Milwaukee, WI

  • Your site has opened up a whole new world of self-exploration for me and my girlfriend. My Justine's a plus size beauty, and even although I've admired – or worshipped – her body since ever I saw her (quite loudly and publicly), she suffers from some pretty serious insecurities. But picking our stuff from your site, looking at those gorgeous models, it has helped her realize that you don't have to be like the girls in the magazines to be beautiful. Beautiful? Gorgeous, luscious, overflowing with femininity! Hey, those cave men drawings weren't made to look like your models by accident... It's in our genes, even though the media try to deny it. The picture attached to this e-mail, well, it just blew us both away. Wow. Why this isn't in The Louvre, in oils, between Da Vinci and Van Gogh, is beyond me. And it's exactly these kinds of pictures that will boost my Justine's body image to where she deserves to be: confident in her beauty. And I'll love her all the more for it. Keep up the good work and keep us posted for new products, I'll let you know what we think of your products as soon as the package arrives.

    Peter Zeist, The Netherlands

  • I recently ordered about 8 different things from your website; body stockings garters fishnets and panties. I must say they fit perfectly and had my husband drooling!!! And will for many nights to come. I was so happy with it that I just ordered a corset and a fishnet dress. I'm now ur #1 fan for lingerie shopping,and customer service was GREAT the lady I talked to helped me pick out just the rite sizes when I was confused, and I cant believe how fast it got here,thank you so much my husband loves my body and you've given me the confidence with your amazing products to show it off and make him super happy for being such a good husband thank you thank you thank you!!!!

    Ashley L.
    Dalton, GA

  • This was my first order from Hips and Curves. I have to tell you I am totally amazed! Everything fits and looks fabulous. It is nearly impossible as a plus-sized woman to find lingerie that fits, let alone looks amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And my boyfriend thanks you! I will be placing my next order tonight.

    Michele C.
    Cleveland, OH

  • I recently purchased from hips and curves. I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the items I received. They are gorgeous and I can't wait to surprise my spouse with them for our anniversary. I'm so happy I found this site. Have a great day!

    Toronto, ON

  • This will be my second (of many!) orders from Hips and Curves. For the first time in my life, I feel completely and comfortably beautiful (and my husband says I'm looking HOT!!!)

    Thank you,

    Kate R.
    Sunnyvale, CA

  • I just wanted to express my extreme joy and delight upon receiving my order in the mail today. I promptly tried everything on to check the fit, and was pleased to discover everything actually fit me. Even the hosiery, which I'm still amazed by. I have a really hard time finding lingerie to fit me. I'm so happy to have found Hips & Curves and will definitely be ordering from you guys again in the future. The items I ordered will surely add some extra spice to my upcoming honeymoon. Thank you for doing what you do. I can't wait until the next time I can purchase some of your amazing products.


    Katt T.
    Fishers, IN.

  • I am writing out of sheer delight and excitement. I am far from a petite gal, and honestly did not believe with my measurements I would fit into the things I fell in love with on your site. I sent an email out of curiosity and hope that the items could be made in a larger size. A wonderful Customer Service Rep (Tina) emailed me back with added information regarding the items, encouraged me to try due to other customers with similar measurements who do fit into the items on this site, and explained the return policy in case they didn't fit. I am so very grateful for her patience, and her pleasant demeanor! She is the epitome of a perfect customer service agent. I asked about a timeframe. I am going away in August and want the items for a special event during my trip. She guaranteed I would receive the items well in advance. I ordered the items through her on Monday the end of June and received the items on Friday the beginning of July! AMAZING SERVICE!! I tried them on Sunday, and fit PERFECTLY, plenty of room to spare! I encourage any woman who THINKS these items wouldn't fit to jump in and just try. I am highly surprised and extremely impressed with the stretchability, comfortability, and adjustability - especially of the corsets. I will definitely be buying from Hips and Curves again in the very near future!

    Jenn J.
    CT, USA

  • I'm writing to express my sincere gratitude. I just received the order I placed as a gift for my wife, who is returning from Afghanistan for a two week visit. Every part of the H&C shopping experience was first rate. I can't tell you how incredibly impressed I am with the quality of the products. They are leaps and bounds better than anything else we've seen. I would also like to compliment you on your friendly and professional customer service. Thank you for a spectacular shopping experience from start to finish. We'll be shopping with you again soon!

    Jason A.

  • I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who was so helpful in getting my items to me with such efficiency, especially with the time crunch before my wedding. I received the items three days after I ordered them, and I live in British Columbia Canada. I was surprised that the items looked even better than they did online, and I think it is wonderful to actually be able to look at a curvy girl in the items I wanted to buy before purchasing them. This is a great site, and one that I will highly recommend. Thanks so much for helping me feel beautiful for my wedding!

    Sarah K
    Vancouver BC

  • Just wanted to drop a line to say how wonderful I find your website!! My sister-in-law turned me on to it a couple of years ago and I've been hooked ever since. From the garters to the stockings to the shoes to the steel-boned corsets (my favorite item!). I've purchased several bustiers, petticoats, shoes, you name it. I've loved everything. For my Halloween party I hosted last year, I was "The Harley Davidson fairy Queen" consisting of black bustier, the black Cinderella petticoat, black fairy wings, and my Harley boots!!! What a great night that was! While recuperating from knee surgery, I bought The Duchess Corset!!! (along with 4 pairs of vamp-ish shoes) OMG The Corset is wonderful!!! I am now HOOKED FOREVER on corsets!!! I'm budgeting to purchase the 2 newest ones – The Baronessa and The Anastasia!!! The Duchess will make her appearance for this year's Halloween Party (along with the long Parisian skirt, the top hat, and the black veil). Just waiting for the ROSETTE GARTER STRAPS TO BECOME AVAILABLE!!! Pictures will definitely be taken!!! Thank you Hips and Curves!!! Another satisfied customer!

    P.S. Hurry up with the rosette garter straps – Halloween is fast approaching!

    Denise J., Washington, DC

  • Hi there!

    I got my order today and I am thrilled. So much so I just had to write a thank you email. The items are as lovely in person as in the pictures. I look forward to shopping with you again.

    Lyndell C.
    New Zealand

  • My husband and I recently took a "walk on the wild side" and decided to attend a local Fetish Ball with some of our adventurous friends. While we don't live that lifestyle, we really like the outfits! Although being a curvy gal, my finding a suitable outfit was challenging to say the least. I was so very happy to stumble upon your website via a Google search (for plus-size fetish wear) -- and I found the perfect outfit; a PVC corset, trimmed in lace, a patent leather pencil skirt, and a pair of elbow-length fishnet gloves! My girlfriend who was also attending the ball, and who is also curvy, found some items to wear as well. Thank you so much for existing! Your products are very well made, reasonably priced, and our orders arrived very quickly. I have passed along your website to all of my girlfriends, as we voluptuous women tend to travel together, and we always have a need for some good, sexy outfits! I only wish you offered more general apparel choices, particularly club wear. There aren't many resources for those of us who still like to get dressed up to go out dancing! At any rate, I will definitely be a return customer! Thank you again for your products, and for supporting all of us sexy, curvy women!

    Best regards,

    Shelley F., Gilbert, Arizona.

  • Thank you for the incredible service. Your phone lady was most helpful and informative. Sorry I cannot remember her name. Kudos to your entire staff from the original order, your great shipping department, and FedEx. My package left you facility Friday afternoon, FedEx picked it up and sent it from Texas to their terminal in the east and then it arrived in Seattle at 5 am and was delivered to my office at 10am Saturday.

    Thank you again for the service and quality of your merchandise.

    Howard M.

  • My boyfriend and I were looking online at all the beautiful lingerie on your website and he let me pick something out and ordered it for me. He's so sweet. I got the "Black Ruffle Garter Dress" because it looked absolutely gorgeous and it was totally my style, and it came in a lot of sizes. I was so excited waiting for it to arrive and it only took 3 days to ship! Out of all the websites we've ever ordered from, you ladies ship the fastest! I love that because when I expect something wonderful in the mail I get excited and anxious. When I tried it on it fit perfectly and it looks amazing. It's soft and the sleeves are a little long but not too long and I love that! I was so happy that it fit me nicely, and not only that but it has the cutest ruffles along the bottom. I'm getting excited for Valentine's Day and this is definitely what I'm going to wear Valentine's Night. I have long black hair and I plan on wearing the dress with red lipstick, red nails, and a cute pair of black patent platform heels. Thank you for making plus size girls sexy! Out of the items I've ordered before, such as the "ruffled petticoat" in white, and also the "romantic rhinestone corset" in red, (which would look great together for Valentine's Day also....) The "ruffle garter dress" in my favorite.

    Suzy B., Washington

  • I wanted to write and thank you!!! Thank you so much for thinking of us big girls. I have put on 80 lbs since I married my husband and had 3 kids, and I used to buy the slinky lingerie, but since I've gotten bigger I just wear my t shirt and sweats to bed. Every now and then I'll purchase some plus size lingerie but it never fits right, but they only use the regular, anorexic models, but I'm sure your items will fit even a little better because In see them on your plus size models that are similar to my shape. Can't wait to order!! Thank again so much, I can feel sexy again!!!

  • My name is Krystal S, I recently ordered a beautiful pair of stockings and a corset. I was worried about how it would flatter my pre-childbirth figure but it hides what you want it to and accentuates all the points you love to show off to that special someone!

    I accidently put the wrong address in for shipping, and when the post office gave me issues trying to change it en route Cathy, a customer service agent for your website, called and got everything straightened out for me with grace and exemplary timing. I was so appreciative I thought I'd drop this email as my way of saying thank you for making this a very merry Christmas for my and my fiance.

    Best Wishes
    Krystal S.

  • I did a random search to find your website and I was so excited. I am a plus size woman that is told all the time that I am beautiful. However, I am not comfortable with my size. My husband is such a sweetheart and I am lucky to have him. I wanted to do something special for him for Christmas. You see, I'm a flannel pj pants and t-shirt kind of girl because I thought I was too big for sexy lingerie. I bought my first piece from you and I am SO EXCITED. I feel so sexy in it and I am keeping it a surprise from husband until the night of my company Christmas party. I wanted to thank you for making these wonderful, high-quality items available to real women. The items I have bought from you are well made and absolutely beautiful. I just placed my second order and can't wait to get. Thanks again! And.... here's to a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

    Jill A. McEnroe
    Liberty, Mo.

  • I recently ordered the front tie sexy school girl outfit, lolita boy short in white, and bow top stay-up stockings in white for my wife. I could not be happier with the purchase. Everything shipped together and arrived quickly, even through USPS. As your website suggested I did some snooping around to figure out what size to order everything in. I also used the sizing charts you have available for each item to make sure I was ordering the right size. Everything arrived in great condition and when she tried it all on, everything fit just right! She looks just as great in it as I thought she would, one sexy little school girl. It has been a great experience ordering from your site and we will definitely be doing it more frequently in the future. Thanks again!

    Jason B.
    York, Pennsylvania

  • Hello! My boyfriend bought me the "grey oversized wide neck tee" and I love it! It fits great, nice and comfy. It's soft... I love how it hangs on one shoulder, it's so sexy without trying hard! It's the perfect shade of grey and for $19.95 it was SO worth it. Thank you. This is a great present because it can fit a variety of sizes so there's no worry that it's not going to fit. It's a real confidence booster. As soon as I got it and put it on, I felt great. Nice and cozy. Fits perfectly. Thanks again!

    Susan B.

  • I just received my first time order and I was so happy to receive it promptly! I had been searching for hard to find sizes for beautiful plus size lingerie when I found your site, I did a lot of searching and you had the best prices and variety. You have changed the way I feel about myself thank you!

    Janet M.
    Durango, Co.

  • I couldn't fail to tell you all exactly how thrilled I am that I found your website. My bras arrived last week and they are great! Having moved to the states from New Zealand 11mths ago I was beginning to seriously think I might have to buy bras from Australia and ship them over because I just could not find a store that catered to a larger bust with anything other than granny bras. Then I stumbled upon your website and had to double check that you were actually located in this country, I was that pessimistic about my chances. Now I have a long list of items I will purchase over time, and my husband has added to it. Thank you!

    Julie G
    Rancho Cordova, CA

  • I had to email you and let you know the Halloween costume I put together with the Cinderella skirt was AMAZING! All I did was order the skirt and the bra you show with it. I wore fingerless gloves, thigh highs, heels and I got your outrageous witches hat (glad I ordered mine early, cant find it at your site now!!) Took better care than usual with my makeup and had a beautiful choker and earrings. The reaction I got from my man was off the hook!!!!! He told me that he was worried about the costume when I talked about it, he didn't want to see it till Halloween nite. He was afraid it would be not so nice, he told me he was way wrong! He said I was the classiest woman at the party! He couldn't stop talking about how sexy I was in it (and I am an over 50 year old woman)! He is more than a few years younger than me and there were girls his age at the party, all he could talk about was ME!

    Already planning next year!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Hips and Curves from a woman with not a lot of self esteem, you boosted the hell out of me on Halloween!!! I felt so sexy and beautiful in that outfit and more compliments than I have had in years!!!! I love you Hips and Curves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi

    I just wanted to let you know I received my order today and am thrilled with it all! The Dutchess steel boned corset is amazing, I am hooked and want every style you carry! I also want to thank the two people I spoke with in customer service, their advice was so helpful in pulling together the look I was going after. Your beautiful, high quality lingerie is for making me over to one hot looking and confident "Moulin Rouge" dancer for halloween, at age 49 no less! Can't wait to dress up for the party next week!

    The best part is I will have these beautiful pieces after halloween is long gone.

    And my husband wants to thank you ALOT!!!

    D. Melichar

  • I wanted to let you know that I am so happy I found your website. I ordered a bunch of things last week and received them very promptly. I was able to wear everything as it all fit perfectly. I have never felt so sexy in my life. My boyfriend was so happy about the surprise he simply stuttered. I swear he would have drooled too if I did not pull him out of the shock *laugh* I am planning a date in October which will require a formal outfit. I have a corset and purchased your black satin bustle skirt. It is beautiful. I know my boyfriend is going to once again have a hard time collecting himself.

    I cannot wait to get my pinup photos done with the outfits... I again am so happy I found your website. Thank you so much.

    xoxox Wolf Olympia, Wa

  • I got my skirt today and I am so totally in love with it! Thank you so, so very much for your fabulous customer service, great prices, and website!

    Thanks so much!!!!!!

    :D - Lindsay R., Jacksonville, NC

  • Hi

    I received my order today! Wow! Very fast shipping! I am so happy! I finally found my "perfect bra" and the "perfect company", you, for selling it! Finding a beautiful push up bra for me was a nightmare. I only found "old ladies bras" in department stores, not a bra that makes me feel beautiful! I am so satisfied with your products and your excellent customer service! Keep up the good work!!!!

    Thanks so much!!!!!!

    Leidi M., Gurabo, Puerto Rico

  • Real full figured models and the most amazing corset slips ever! A bra that fits? I must be dreaming. Thank you. I admit I will have to budget well to meet my shopping needs, but your website has all that I need and more. I found your site by chance and I'm so glad to make your acquaintance

    Thank you. You have a happy customer!

    PS. I think your costumes are adorable too!

    Batini O., New Orleans, LA

  • All I can say is WOW! I ordered the daisy embroidered basque in my correct size which is a 44G(44FF) and it fit PERFECT! The design and detail is so feminine and pretty and the killer part is that it is actually made for a woman with curves, which is very hard to find. Customer service was very polite and knowledgeable, and my overall experience was a 10! I look forward to doing business with Hips and Curves for many years to come and have already recommended your site to other friends.

    Felisitas M. Port Arthur,TX

  • Dear Hips and Curves,

    I recently placed an order with you for a corset for my wedding. I am so pleased with the product! The delivery was faster than you quoted, everything fit and it didn't cost near what I thought it would! And most important, the quality of the product is fantastic! It actually will hold me in/up for the whole day!

    I am also impressed with the variety of styles and products that you offer. I have not found any competitor that has as much variety with your level of quality in my sizes. You have found a loyal customer in me and I plan to order all my lingerie from you in the future.

    Thank you for opening such a wonderful web site!

    Andrea M., Canada

  • Hello,

    Thank you! I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Hips and Curves. I had some items that were on back order and someone actually called and helped me substitute items. I thought that was very nice and incredible customer service!!!!

    I will DEFINITELY be ordering again from Hips and Curves!

    Thank you,

    Cindy A., Minneapolis, MN

  • The package has arrived and the items are just perfect!! Thank you so much!! Everything fits perfectly. I was so happy to find trendy, sexy apparel for a plus sized girl. And my husband just loves them!!

    I really appreciated to fast and discreet shipping. It was actually here earlier than expected. I was so happy when I saw that you shipped up to Canada, and at really reasonable rates.

    Thanks again!!

    Riley C., Ontario, Canada

  • Dear Hips and Curves,

    I just want to say THANK YOU! I received my order the other day and every thing ordered fit like a glove! It is so wonderful knowing that everything is made for a REAL woman and shown on women with a figure.

    No more ordering from companys that say plus but have models the size of my thigh! So once again, Thank you.

    Virginia P. ,Bagdad, AZ

  • Hello!

    I just wanted to let you know that I received my order. Super fast shipping and lovely items! Just in time for my date night! My partner and I have been together over three years and he said it was the sexiest I had EVER looked! I am going to order more items from you right away.

    Thanks for the great service!

    Nicole L., Vancouver, BC

  • Just a note of personal thanks - I have adored the chance to look gorgeous and sexy and luscious in all the things I've ordered from H&C. And, I get to show them off to a new "friend" - a marine returning from service of our country in Iraq. I've taunted and teased, with all the things I've now stockpiled.

    So thank you for the wonderful products and for the boost of self confidence I've gotten. I turned 50 last year, but I feel like a youngster again.

    You guys are the bestest ever!

    Jewel K., Denver, CO

  • Excellent Service

    I just wanted to write say what excellent service I recently received from your returns department. I have never tried to return anything before; I was worried that I would be hassled. I couldn't have been more wrong! I received nothing but prompt, helpful, and POLITE service from the moment I called. I was never kept waiting on hold for more than 30 seconds. Everyone was so kind and helpful, especially my customer service representative, Cathy. When I asked for a new item rather than a refund, she even called me at home to let me know that, while they were out of my size in black, there were plenty of other options for me.

    I will definitely continue to order from Hips & Curves. Thank you very much!

    Thank You

    Jaime M., Washington, D.C.

  • You are the BEST!

    I just wanted to let you folks know that before I ordered from Hips & Curves, I had the worst time ordering lingerie online - two companies in particular never even let me know my order was delayed or wasn't being shipped after all. They just charged my credit card and left me waiting for weeks without a confirmation, ship date or order update.

    Hips & Curves, on the otherhand, had a great website, easy order lookup and prompt shipping. I received my item within a few days and with zero hassle, it was great!!

    Thanks so much!

    Veronica A., Portland, OR

  • Dear H&C,

    I bought a corset to go underneath my wedding dress and I am so happy with the corset that I got from you! It is beautiful and I love that it is made for a larger girl like me! I have searched for reasonable prices in the proper sizes all over and love that you have a store devoted for us Big Beautiful Women! It is nice to look at ads and not have to see a stick thin woman wearing a piece that is being sold at plus size. We can actually see what your products look like on women like us. It is so liberating! Your products are made of such great materials and are such a treat! Keep up the great work

    Shannon Las Vegas, NV

  • Hey! I wanted to express my appreciation to your lingerie consultants once again. I placed an order a few minutes ago and didn't realize the total was a little off until after I hung up. I called back again and got everything straightened out with no fuss whatsoever.

    Not only has everyone been very friendly and helpful but you also have the best prices on the Crown shaper panty (item # SC1311) that I can find online. Believe me I checked. When my houseguest commented on my "nice butt" she didn't know I was wearing this particular panty at the time. I knew I'd be back for more.

    Thanks Again

    R.H. in South Carolina

  • I just received 4 items that I purchased last week for the first time. I am very pleased and I feel your products are top notch and your customer service is excellent

    Thank You

    Beth G Baltimore, MD

  • My new boyfriend turned me on to this site over a month ago and I must admit I was a little hesitant about ordering something. I had never seen such items in my size.

    Well, I received my lace body stocking today and I am very very pleased! The quality and the fit are on point!

    We will see each other in August and I will be surprising him with a few of your items. I will definitely recommend the site as well.

    Happy and Hot in Dallas

    Yevette M.- Dallas Texas

  • Hiya. Just got my new bra today, and it is fabulous! It fits perfectly and looks incredible. I will definitely order from you again!

    Thanks from me and my husband,

    Nicole D ,Columbia, NJ

  • I would just like to say that Hips and Curves is the best that I have found on the Internet. Your selection is wonderful and your prices are the most reasonable. I am a savvy plus size shopper and Hips and Curves made me feel sexy without the major expense. I will absolutely be back to shop with you and I am also telling all my friends about your greatness!!

    Thank You

    Elisha L, Stockbridge, GA

  • Perfect fit! Thank you for your insight and for having such a fabulous website for Glamazons like me! I posted your website on my own website to let others know where to go to look and feel matter what our size!

    My wish list is getting very long!)

    Nancy W. Daytona Beach, FL

  • I live in country Western Australia and, 2 weeks before my wedding had not been able to find anything to wear under my wedding gown and for the honeymoon.

    I was so impressed with your website that I ordered some gorgeous stuff, hoping it would reach me in time. Imagine my delight and surprise when it arrived a short 7 days later - gorgeous, sexy and adoring my curves! (I even had time to fit in one extra order before the wedding! :-)

    Thanks guys, for breaking the mould and recognising that people over a size 14 are human too!

    Kate E, from Busselton, Western Australia

  • Wow! I just received my first order from Hips & Curves. Thank you for providing merchandise of this quality that actually fits!! I am thrilled and, more importantly, I'm sure my very special someone will be too. I'm already planning for the great 'reveal' while on vacation next week.

    H & C and I will have a long relationship into the has been a pleasure dealing with your company.

    Paula FM.
    Grosse Pointe, Michigan

  • Dear H&C,

    Recently made my first purchase from your company as birthday gifts for my notoriously hard to shop for girlfriend. A previous attempt to buy lacy nothings for her had ended in disaster when I couldn't figure out what size to get. Not so on your fine site. Everything was carefully annotated as to size and the choices were all gorgeous. Placed my order, went for Express shipping as I'd left it a mite late to shop, and got an email notice that two of my items were on backorder. Fearing another disaster, I called Customer Service where a very helpful and friendly young lady had me sorted out with replacements in no time at all. Order even shipped on time. Items were in excellent condition and most importantly - my girlfriend was over the moon. And having seen her in the lace garters and thigh highs, she ain't the only one! ^_~ Thanks so much for making my number one lady's birthday a smash.

    Al B. !
    Albany, GA

  • A place for me! You have to smile when you come to this site - all the women are glowing, strutting there stuff here where it counts. I wanna be a Hips & Curve Model too. Oh my goodness Yes! Yes! Yes! Loving it. I love Hips & Curves!

    This place is what's happening for Big Bold Beautiful Ladies. Mmmm! U better ask somebody.

    I've finally found a place for me! So cool, you have no clue how deep that is for me. Child I been to all kinds of stores looking for just the right size bra, night gown, and anything in between. Always trying to fit in, and be accepted. I don't have to worry about nobody turning their nose up when I come through the door because I got it going on girl, and my smile is infectious :) you must smile back baby it's the real deal.

    Thank You. MUAH!


  • I am writing this letter to inform Hips & Curves that I received my order today. I wanted you to know how very pleased I am with my purchase. Pictures really don't do what the outfits do too you when you see them with your naked eye. Thank you for spice I've been looking for!


    Angela B.

  • Hips & Curves deserves to be applauded for their excellent customer service. We economy sized ladies living in the remote regions really appreciate the value we get when shopping through your online catalogue. (p.s. the Stores locally consider a 36B to be a plus size???)

    The order was received today in Nanaimo, BC , Canada and all the items are fantastic. Thank you for the great customer service. I certainly will be ordering from Hips & Curves in the future

    Edna Stefishen

  • I am so pleased for my order to Hips & Curves. I received it yesterday and everything is great! You now have a very happy customer in Greece! My husband is also very happy!


    Katerina L, Greece

  • I would just like to say, thank you so much! I've been attracted to my fiance since the first day we met, but the hardest thing to do was to get her to feel sexy. After looking around for a bit, I found your site, and found the PERFECT teddy for her. I ordered it, and after we got it she was hesitant to wear it at first, but I convinced her to go and try it on. She came back wearing it and, to be honest, I couldn't even speak when I saw her. All I could do was sit there and stare at her. Afterwards, when we were talking, she admitted to me that she felt very sexy wearing that teddy.

    I would have gladly paid twice as much as I did to get her to say that.

    Reuben Faux

  • Oh my goodness, you guys ship fast! I got that red velvet corset yesterday. It fits me and it looks so pretty. Thank you so much. =] I can't believe it was on sale for that price either, it was great!

    Thank you so much!

    Suzanne B. Moses Lake, Washington

  • Just wanted to say I love Hips and Curves, I have been searching for some sexy lingerie for big beautiful women who want to feel sexy also. Your site has certainly made that possible. THANK YOU! I received the Lace Baby Doll and Charmeuse Robe today and tried it on for the hubby and he started drooling and most definitely approved. He loved the way the set looked so much that he asked if he wanted to take pictures. The fit of your products are amazing and they make me feel and look so sexy and beautiful. The two outfits that I have ordered thus far were amazing, thanks for the wonderful prices and the quick delivery, can't wait to order more.

    I LOVE HIPS AND CURVES! Jackie B., Clarkesville, TN

  • I opened my latest order from you last night and was very pleased. I ordered the Kiss & Tulle bra and matching panty in chocolate, and l love the color. When I placed my order I was a little worried because right afterward, the web site said there were no panties in chocolate. I called customer service and was assured that I did get the matching panties, and probably had gotten the last pair. I wish I could remember the name of the woman I spoke with, she was lovely, polite, and made sure that I was reassured about my order being correct.

    This is the third order I've placed with your company, and I am sure I will be ordering more from you in the future. It was refreshing to find lingerie for a size above 4 that is pretty, comfortable to wear, sexy, and classy.

    Thank You, Jessica H., Martinez, CA.

  • Just wanted to say thanks for your company. I ordered a beautiful piece and got it today and I will be ordering more soon! Thanks for making plus size women feel sexy!

    PS - My husband will love it! Beautiful material and the colors are so rich and nice!

    Yours truly, Kimberley R Nova Scotia Canada

  • I just received my second order from Hips and Curves and wanted to share my customer satisfaction thoughts.

    The website is well conceived and attractive, ordering online is easy and efficient and I am comfortable that my payment information is secure.

    Merchandise has exceeded my expectations! The lady who wears it is thrilled and so am I.

    You will certainly see more orders from me in the future.

    Highest regards,

    Randall P, St. Petersburg, FL

  • I placed an order for 3 items. I got them in a very reasonable amount of time. Much sooner than I thought I would and they all fit and look fabulous!! Thank you so much. For big women it is so hard to find lingerie that fits and looks good at the same time. Many kudos to your company!

    Nan L, Cameron, TX

  • You rock. Your order processing and delivery is unbeatable, your selection exciting and your product is fantastic. I feel sorry for your competition, gratitude for your existence and immense pleasure at the look on my husbands face when I enter the room in one of your sassy outfits!

    Keep curvy!

    Suzanne, Slave Lake AB

  • I just found your website while shopping for a bridal shower and I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for choosing women who look real in the clothes instead of fake poses. It really gives the buyer the chance to see how it will look. The choice in Australia is so limited,and the prices on what is available are exorbitant for the quality we get here. I was hesitant at first about measuring up for proper bra sizing and ordering online. Imagine my elation when I pulled the bras out of the packet! I am a 42C/D depending. For the first time in I can't tell you,I felt so comfortable! The 2 styles fit so beautifully. I am a larger lady who struggles to find good foundation garments and stockings in plus sizes. The shapewear is something I want more of! I have to say that even my husband commented on my new things.I don't think he understood how a great bra can make a gal so happy! Ha! Needless to say my VISA card will be getting a big future workout with Hips and Curves! I also just have to say that I have been raving to everyone who will listen about Hips and Curves! Don't be surprised if all of a sudden, Sydney sales go through the roof, as I know lots of larger ladies who are just waiting to find you guys! Just by the by, I have had a few comments about my 'new' bust line from ladies I know and see often. Amazing what a well fitting bra makes. Hooray for 3 hooks!!! I am one very happy customer! Cheers!

    Lydia K. Sydney, Australia

  • I just found your website while shopping for a bridal shower and I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for choosing women who look real in the clothes instead of fake poses. It really gives the buyer the chance to see how it will look.

    Mary M. Peoria, IL

  • You guys rock! the service is so good! I wish everyone I dealt with could be so good! Have a great day!

    Thank you! Dorothy H

  • Hey! I just wanted to thank you so much for encouraging plus-sized women all over the world! This site shows you can be sexy and daring, while still having the fit and comfort that us plus-sized ladies need! The Glamazons are awesome role-models for plus-sized women out there, they show us how to be confident and flaunt what you got! Plus-sized women aren't observed in the media as much for being "sexy" or "hot" and I believe that you guys are contributing to a change that should be happening! Enough being scarily skinny and unhealthy, it's time to embrace who we are as women, and show off those curves! Thank you so much for creating this site, it has given me more confidence in myself and allows me to be who I want to be: sexy and fun!

    Elisha K., Calgary, AB, Canada

  • soooo impressed with my first experience ordering from your company. The product was shipped and received very promptly!!!! And the products were exactly as I expected. I will definitely be ordering from you again and again!!!

    Michelle H.
    Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

  • YAY! Thank you so much for working with me, no website has EVER contacted me like you have and seemed to really care. I am beyond impressed and so pleased with everything that has transpired between us. makes shoping online easy and worry free. Thank you so much Tina, you are a sweetheart.

    Lorie C, Indianapolis, IN

  • I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I am not a size 1, so I can not shop in Victoria Secret, so I have searched the internet for some great wedding "attire" and found you guys and I have to tell you....I almost cried when I saw your truly plus size models on there wearing stuff that society tells us "thick" girls we can't wear. I mean seriously I have tears in my eyes because you all make it "ok" to be big and you all make your sizes over a 5! I love you guys and I am going to tell everyone about you! Trust me! There are some thick women here in Oklahoma ! ;)

    THANK YOU!!!!!

    Kasey M., Tulsa, OK

  • I ordered the Goddess Serena bustier a few months ago to wear under my wedding dress. Finding a strapless bra that wasn't useless to an H- cup lady like myself was a daunting task, but this garment tucked, lifted, emphasized, and FIT like a charm for the entire 12-hour day. Being a new fan of Goddess, I ordered the longline bra (In a FF cup, but it still fits awesome) and it just came through the door about 10 minutes ago. Holy crap! I could have breasts the weight of bowling balls and this bra would still make them look perky! And even with shipping and duty, I paid a fraction of what it would cost in a specialty lingerie store. I'll be wearing tube and halter tops for the first time ever this summer, and I have you guys (and Goddess) to thank! I'd recommend these two bras to anyone needing something strapless.


  • I am just so grateful for this website. Just when I almost lost all hope for classy and tasteful and beautiful lingerie. Just want to send my thanks.


  • I would like to compliment everyone involved in the production of your website! It is wonderful to see a plus sized site that actually uses plus sized models to model their clothing (not to mention finding a site that carries such lovely items in larger sizes)! Very refreshing to see. Thank you!

    Paula Cohen

  • I was wondering if you guys have a place on your website for comments? You have done a great job. I already received my mail today and I just got an email yesterday saying that it was shipped! I can't believe how fast it arrived, and how much I love what I ordered. I just wanted to let everybody on there know what a great job and reasonably priced you guys are! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

  • Thank you so very much, your service is absolutely brilliant and your products are fantastic. I placed my order via your web site on the 22/2 and it was delivered to my home in Australia on 27/2. It took 5 days for my order to be processed, packaged and delivered half way across the world. I don't get that service in my own state. Congratulations, I shall be recommending you to all my friends and colleagues. Many many thanks.


  • To the Staff at Hips and Curves, Thank you so much for having a place where I can finally shop for lingerie! I received the items today and just tried them on, and my boyfriend loves the way they look on me. Thanks again!


  • Hi! I just wanted to let you know..i got my order today. it got here so fast! And oh my goodness, it's so beautiful...all of it! I can't tell you how many times I've been disappointed with stuff that didn't fit, or didn't look right, or something, but this really does, and I feel so beautiful wearing it! I will definitely look no further when I want to buy my lingerie..thank you so much

    Your customer service has been very prompt. I can't believe how quickly you got my order processed and to me. I order online and by catalog a lot and great customer service is rare, so Thank you so much.

    I was amazed to receive my order from you within 24 hours! The quality of each garment is spectacular, and the sizes are just right. Top Notch company -- I will definitely be a repeat customer!

    Thank you so much,

    R. W. in KS

  • Hello!

    I'd just like to say that my husband bought me some very pretty lingerie from your site for Christmas, and I absolutely love it! (As does he!) Its been hard for me over the last several years to come to terms with my curvier20-something figure. (I spent my childhood and teen years as a tall, thin girl.) However, with sites like yours which offers great clothing for curvy women like me, I realize now that no matter what size you are, you can be beautiful both inside and out! Thank you for the beautiful things on your site, and for giving women like me a chance to show the confidence and style we want and need!

    I'll definitely be a return shopper!


    Casandra G

  • I just wanted to let you know way to go and now I know where I am going to get all of my fun apparel from in the future. I also want to thank you for making us "extra lovable" women feel sexy when we fight so hard in the everyday world against discrimination. When I first got with my fiance I thought he just dealt with the extra weight; he couldn't possibly be attractive to those rolls of flesh. Now I know there are men that are driven crazy and find it irresistible. But I was always looking for lingerie that turned me own as well as him. As I was looking through your website I was in awe to how beautiful it made me feel and what a sigh of relief it was to find so many choices for those nights that are about discovering me seductively. I look forward to many orders with your company.

    Again THANK YOU!!!!

    Jennifer Flowers

  • I called when I was getting ready to order my corset for my honeymoon. I don't remember whom it was that I spoke with but, I'm so very glad that I called, I followed your instructions about measuring. I was going to buy the light blue and white in a 42 but, you were out, so I called and the wonderful and helpful customer service rep., talked to me and she told me that since I am a DDD instead of a DD that I should go up to the 44 and assured that it would work. I am so very glad that I listened to her she was 100% right and if the 42 hadn't been out of stock I would have gotten that and had to return it most likely. Thanks to your Customer Support Staff for being there.

    Jeannine I. Riley

  • I had the best shopping experience with the rep that helped me!! I really wanted to make sure she knew how much she helped me make the proper choices for my bust size!!

    Please tell her I appreciated all her help!!

    Errorka Russell

  • I just wanted to let you know that we received the order, it was well worth the wait. You have such wonderful items that you sell. I can't wait to do some more shopping with you. You have such amazingly gorgeous models as well on your web site. Keep up the great work!!!


  • Dear Hips &,

    My name is Christina. I ordered item number x9001 in the baby blue color Fed Ex 2 day delivery. This is an email to express my extreme SATISFACTION with Hips & Please feel free to publish this email as well as my photos. My husband and I were celebrating our 1 year anniversary at a very romantic resort. I wanted to really treat my husband and look sexy and classy for this special event. I ordered the baby blue corset in a size 46...I also purchased a pair of white Stiletto sandals to go with the white trim along the corset. My husband adored me when I walked out of the dressing room at our suite. His jaw dropped and his eyes lit up like fire. Not only is blue his favorite color, but I had relaxed my hair so it was long and flowing. I'd also purchased item number x8997 of which he adored blue of course. I am just writing to say that I love the fact the Hips & Curves had lingerie for the plus sized woman with hips and curves! Thank you so much for making my Anniversary getaway with my husband, one that he and I will never forget.

    Thanks again!


  • OH MY GOD! Thank you so so so so much. My boyfriend and I have been wanting to buy some sexy night time play clothes and have had some hard times finding things I like in the right sizes. Then one day we were talking and I ran across your site in a search page. We were sooooo excited. Finally we found something we can both agree on and love! We have not yet placed an order but do plan to order most definitely. He is a truck driver so our time together is limited to 4 or 5 days a month and this site is really going to be a pick me up for our "recreational" time. I am so so so please with everything and the sizes are great. Thank You So Much!!!! A NOTE FROM HIM: You guys are a real life saver you've made us both extremely happy and not to mention my holiday shopping much easier. That's funny because I know I will be purchasing new stuff at least monthly!!!!! thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for making my baby feel like the goddess she is!

    Two Happy Ecstatic Lovers!

  • I just wanted to let you know that while my husband has been out of town (for 2 months!!) I'd been thinking about getting something sexy to surprise him with when he gets home. So I ordered a leather corset and thigh high stockings. I just got them in the mail yesterday and had to hurry to try them on because I was so excited!!! They fit awesome and look even better!!! I sent him a little sample on his cellphone and he was VERY impressed. Said he couldn't wait till he came home and got to see me in my new outfit. I just wanted to thank everyone at hips and curves for providing all of us "curvy" women with a place to find great fitting lingerie, at a great cost. It just makes me feel so sexy and it makes me really appreciate what I've got! My husband is going to start drooling when he sees me! So thanks in advance from a very happy customer!

    Mr. and Mrs. M

  • I love your website, I love to shop and I get so frustrated trying to find sexy clothes to wear for my boyfriend. Why do people think just because you are fat you have no right to be sexy. The industry tries to make young beautiful women wear their grandmothers clothes. And the best part is everything is affordable. I dont have to work a second job. Thank You!


  • I ended up on your site from a prompt on AOL's welcome screen. I thought I had seen every tired site claiming to be "lingerie" for plus sized woman and then i found Hips & Curves and my view on lingerie for plus sized woman has changed!!! FOR THE BETTER! Not only is the selection very extensive, but its all very tastefully done and the cuts and designs seem to be flattering. Its hard finding something that looks good on you and the hanger. Im overly excited at the choices. Not only do you offer so much, but your site provides a shopping experience for those who are into aesthetics as well. A lot of sites for plus sized lingerie look as though they were put together by a team of barely computer literate third graders. Im so glad i found you! This is going to be the beginning of a lovely relationship... Pardon me, but I have to go shopping now :-)


  • I absolutely love your website. It is everything it should classy & completely user friendly. I am so glad I found you guys. Your products are beautiful, stunning and of course, sexy. I will always be a Hips and Curves woman...Keep up the tremendous work!!!


  • I just thought i would share my comments with you. i just received my order and i am thrilled! i was surprised to see that delta burke's name was on the label! i originally bought it as a gift for my husband for valentine's day but i think that he'll be getting it early this year!!!! thank you for a wonderful product! i have already recommended your company to several of my friends and i will definitely be a repeat buyer!

    N from New York

  • Dear All of the Wonderful Staff at Hips & Curves,

    I am one of those women that is not technically plus size and not technically traditional size. Fitting sexy clothes for me is quite discouraging. When I stumbled across your web site I was thrilled and told all of my friends who have since placed and received their orders. When I received my order I could not wait until I got home to try it on. I ordered a corset and had it on in the middle of my office asking my assistant how it looked. Her words were encouraging, but when my husband saw me for the first time dressed for the Halloween Party that we were attending I wanted to cry. It was the first time in years that the sight of me took his breath away. By the way I won the contest.go figure against all these little tiny women that looked amazing. I have never felt this sexy.I Will continue to purchase products from your sight. The only thing that would be better for me and I am sure many others would be to have a store near where we live or at least the nearest metropolitan area to shop for and have immediate gratification..I love to shop, but when things to fit right I get discouraged.... I guess I Will have to keep an eye out for your stores in the malls near me, one day I am sure that you will be there and I can not wait. Thanks again for making me realize that women are not perfect in size but in sexiness and heart.


  • Thank you so much for this awesome newsletter. It's about time us full figured women are recognized for being sexy an beautiful. Your newsletter is so uplifting and much needed. I just can't say enough about it. I found a place I can call home.

    Much love,


  • I really can't tell you how glad I am that I found your website. I'm one of those "plus size" women that hears, on a regular basis, "you have a beautiful face, " "you have a beautiful smile," "you have beautiful eyes," etc. Every compliment is for something above the neck. I'm not viewed as sexy because of my size 18 - 20 body. The owner of the bar I go to here, in Syracuse, has given me an opportunity to guest bartend on November 16. I've never bartended a day in my life, but I'm a regular at this bar because I used to go there frequently for karaoke (before I became a vocalist for a local band). Being a big fan of Coyote Ugly and having watched that competition on CMT, I used to think I'd be a great contender for something like that in spite of my size. I have the attitude, I have the talent, I have the brains, I have the ability to control a crowd and from the neck up I seem to have the looks. This guest bartending thing is my one shining moment to prove that I can be sexy and desirable too. With the help of the bustier I ordered from your website, I don't think anyone will be laughing at the plus sized girl in the bustier behind the bar that night. I had my doubts until I tried it on. No one will be laughing at me. While I appreciate the compliments that people give me, it's going to feel SO GOOD to not be the girl with the beautiful FACE for a night. Thank you...thank you....thank you.

    Rebecca Roach

  • Dear Hips and Curves,

    My order just came in and is now waiting for my wife to return from work. I would like to say that your online catalog does an impressive job at getting sizes correct. It's so nice that I am able to buy something soft and luxurious for my wife without having to worry if it will fit or not. I'm also a six foot three man so I tend to stand out in lingerie stores which can be a daunting task sometimes. My wife is the most precious gift that I have been given in life and now through your web site I can show her what she means to me. I also love the little bit of mystery and romance that ordering from your online site allows.

    In conclusion, thank you for all that you do and I'm sure that this will be the first of many of my orders.

    Thank you,

    Wes Farris

  • Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

    I received all the items a few days ago. I just tried on the "thumper" costume and I look fabulous!! It fits fantastically, which is very seldom when buying online plus size apparel. Your sizing chart was so helpful and accurately depicts the size of the clothing. The quality of the clothing is exceptional as well.

    Thank you Hips and Curves, I'll be back shopping soon!!

    Joy Hammitt Business Owner and Mother of three

  • I just want to say thank you for having plus sized models, it is hard to buy lingerie when you are a dress size 26 off of a model who is maybe a size 2. I love how sexy the plus sized models look in the fabulous lingerie...THANK YOU!

    Tabitha White

  • Dear H&C,

    At first I was disappointed that my exact order was not in stock, but now that the garter belt, boy shorts, and thigh highs (in nude!) came in the mail I could not be happier! I chided myself for gaining weight in college and really hadn't thought I could ever look this sexy. Your company has just sent my confidence through the roof. Thank you so much! I'm sure I'll be splurging with you again soon.


  • I would like to say "Thank You!". I received a phone call and one of your associates to tell me that one of the items I ordered was not available in that color. I told her to give me a different color, but I was a little disappointed. You see, I am about to move and could not wait until the color became available. I would no longer be at that address. And because we are a military family, I didn't know what my new address would be yet. I just got my order, and to my surprise the original color I wanted was there! There was also a note from her saying that she had found one more hiding for me. I was so excited. You guys are helping me make me and my husbands reuniting perfect! I just think that you guys went above and beyond what I have experienced from other retailers. Normally, you don't find out until you receive the package or you just get an email that it wasn't available and you won't be charged for it. Thank you for your wonderful customer service and I will definitely be a return customer.


  • Hello,

    I'm a first time customer of yours and I must say I am very impressed. I am really happy I found your website. I ordered the rhumba panties in black and they just came in today. I LOVE them! Let me tell you it was great to come home from a long day at work and have something new and sexy to slip in to. Being a plus size woman, sometimes I get discouraged by the media's ideal of beauty and it gets me down, but I feel like a goddess now, filled with great new self-esteem. Now I know how truly sexy and beautiful I can be. I can't thank you enough. You have a wonderful website and amazing products. I'll be sure to order from you again. Thank you for doing what you do!

    Sarah from Wisconsin

  • I received my order today, I ordered something sexy for my self & a lil something for my hubby. I must say that after several attempts with other places to find something I could be happy with & being let down almost every time when my order came all I could do was sing praises to you guys. I got just what I was told I would get, It fit BETTER that I expected & I have never been so satisfied. I am a big confident beautiful woman that has found it hard to find just the right fit when it came to clothes because what's 2x in one store doesn't quite seem the same size in another, & most stores I find that the only "Plus Size" outfits they offer all look like "old granny clothes" or circus tents. A big girl can be sexy too! & for as long as I have been a Big woman I have found that when it comes to clothes "IT'S HARD OUT THERE" But you my Beautiful "Hips and Curves" just made it a hell of a lot easier! My Husband & I Thank You!!!!

    A&R, New Mexico

  • Hi There, I just took a look at the photo gallery. I just wanted to send a thank you for adding it, I love your site! Whenever I am not feeling very good about my weight, I come to visit your site. I can tell you that after visiting, I feel so much better. I am also glad that you offer plus size sexy things modeled by PLUS size women. I hate to admit it, but I kinda get offended by plus size clothes sites that have ALL tiny women modeling plus size clothes and I won't shop with them. Weird hey? lol!! I know. Thank you for making me and a lot of women feel sexy!


  • I recently ordered the chopper bar lace shelf bra for my gf, and she looks fantastic in it.........not only that but she said she felt sexy and comfortable wearing it....thanks from a very satisfied customer.....


  • Dear Hips and Curves, When I saw your sexy product line modeled by Ashanna, the winner of the "Tyra Banks Show: Top Plus Size Model" yesterday, I became your biggest fan.

    I identified with Ashanna in your intimate wear - she is about my size, shape, age and ethic mix. I never thought about wearing intimate apparel before seeing her model because I did not know a product such as your existed - one that exemplifies sexiness and is cut to flatter "curvy" bodies. Needless to say, I got right online and "Googled" your company to find out more! I have several friends my size (12/14) and I have been sure to spread the word that there is a company out there that is keeping us sexy in '06 and Hips and Curves is it! I'd love to see you give Victoria's Secret some real competition! You have an amazing product - and Ashanna was the perfect fit to represent it.

    I am confident your business with prosper - especially with a beauty like Ashanna representing the company!

    Congratulations to Ashanna and Hips and Curves!!! N. Jimenez, California

  • I just want to say THANK YOU! I was so excited when I found your site, I placed an order and within a few days my package was waiting for me. The items I purchased made my wedding night and honeymoon a time we will both never forget. I was so nervous about ordering online, I have yet to find anything else that fits as good and makes me feel good about myself the way your lingerie does. I have shared your site with several friends and their husbands are soo happy too. Thanks again!

    KH, Texas

  • Just a note to let you know I am very pleased with your services. I couldn't believe how fast your company made the shipping, definitely this is a plus in addition I was not sure about ordering but gave it a try. Beside the timeliness of your service the items were just gorgeous and I was amazed it actually fit. Not only fit but I felt very comfortable with the garments on. I just had to congratulate you for your services overall and thank you so much for thinking on the plus size woman out here. I made a second order a week after and I can assure you it will not be the last. I have also spread the word to friends and family. Once again congrats. You guys are awesome.

    M.A. in Puerto Rico

  • I just wanted to say thank you for my order. I was quite surprised finding the package on my doorstep this morning--I just placed the order on Monday!!! And the quality!!! It's not often when you can say "It looks better in person than it did in the picture." I will definitely be ordering from your company in the future!!! Please forward this email on to your supervisor, because he/she needs to know what excellent service you are providing!! Sincerely,

    A., Sacramento, CA

  • About 2 weeks ago I found your web sight and was very pleased with the selection you offer. My wife and I love to look and shop online, but many sights do not have the right sizes for her 5'4" 38D (natural) 41 hips and 36 waist. Finding lingerie that will fit is almost imposable. After talking her into trying one last time to order some fun lingerie we placed an order on a sunday. 2 days later the package arrived and to both of our surprise it all fit and she looks KILLER in it. Thanks again and you have 2 new and very happy customers for a long time to come Sincerely,

    R.K.A., Arizona

  • I took my package up in my bedroom and when I opened the red lace teddy and matching robe I was just so impressed by the shade of red. I never realized that it would have those adorable bows to accentuate it and when I put it on to try it, I couldn't believe it, it fit so nice and it felt wonderful to have on. Such expensive quality for such a low price makes it even better. Then I looked at the satin teddiette and just couldn't believe how elegant and exciting that outfit was. At least when you put them on you don't feel like you look like a clown, you actually feel like they are made just for you. Anyway, between you and I, I am looking forward to trying them on for my husband :) And I will try that advice about the garters as I thought that maybe I should try it that way. I will look forward to keeping an eye on your site and seeing what else I might pick. Thanks for your personal service, which you do not get from the "bigger" names, neither do you get this quality. Until later... Sincerely,

    B.S., PA

  • You guys rock! I called on Thursday to order a pleather dress and boots and all the goodies but I needed them the next day and you came through! I had my order by 1 pm and I look so HOT!!! Thanks again for your awesome service. The woman that helped me on the phone was the best and let me know that my boots may not make it but I so appreciate the honesty and they made it so I am thrilled that I will be rocking your clothes at the Exotic Erotica Ball in San Francisco tomorrow night! Thanks again! Sincerely,


  • Just wanted to drop you a line to say "Thanks for being there." I have been a "big girl" my entire life and finally finding a website that can satisfy my cravings to be sexy in lingerie that actually fits has truly been a miracle. My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful sex life before - but now? In his words, "Wow." He loves it when I meet him at the door at the end of his day wearing nothing but a black body stocking, stockings with garters, or anything else in my now-expanding collection of lingerie. I can't explain why, but something about lingerie makes me feel sexier and more feminine than I ever have before. So, thanks again, and keep up the great work! Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! Also, it is wonderful not having to wait so long for something special to arrive in the mail! Sincerely,

    A VERY happy customer! T.G.

  • Hi Hips and Curves.... I got my first order this week already...It came in lightening time and I AM VERY PLEASED....with not only the quality, but the price and fit also. I just knew this was the shop for ME! The thongs fit like they were tailored for me and the stockings go to just the right place on my 'em, love 'em!! I will be ordering something again soon. Thank you for what you do for me and for making this a place that I can feel gorgeous in everyway!! I have added it to my Yahoo Profile as a link and hope that you get more customers from that. Thanks,

    Miss KK

  • To whomever it may concern, I am so inspired by your web sight. It is beautiful and sexy. I am looking forward to purchasing some of your products and wearing them for you and for my husband. I am 5 foot 8 and 1/2 and weigh around 186 pounds. I would love to be posted on your sight but first I need to make some pictures!!!. I just wanted to say Thank You for this sight and I will be checking it out continuously so please send me newsletters A.S.A.P.!!! Thanks again for helping out the bigger women of today!

    GG, Canada

  • I love sexy lingerie....and am going to be one of your best customers now. I just found this website. How wonderful that you understand the needs and desires of us big girls....we are just a sexy and beautiful as our smaller counterparts. Maybe even more your hearts out skinnys!! Thanks for this great stuff!

    K.K. in South Dakota

  • I have to tell you what just happened. My wife had me go to the post office to pick up a package that we missed delivery on. Little did I know it was her Hips and Curves lingerie order. When I arrived home she took the package and went to our bedroom. She was back downstairs about five minutes later and I almost had a heart attack. She was wearing a black lace garter, black stockings and matching crotchless panties. Her bra was open front with her gorgeous breasts waiting to be touched. Needless to say the evening went well. Thank you Hips and Curves for putting a fire back in our relationship!

    Larry and Maggie, Jamestown, ND

  • Like a lot of men in this country, I am so tired of the anorexic look in women that is so popular currently. Personally, I like women who look like women, not young boys, so your models are a refreshing change and look absolutely stunning! Your product line is beautiful, creative and fun! My wife is a plus size and I think she's gorgeous! We placed an order and will place others I'm sure. Your products celebrate real women instead of trying to make perfectly beautiful females feel like there is something wrong with them. All I can say is BRAVO!! We wish you all the success that you richly deserve.

    B.O. in Concord, CA

  • I want to express my gratitude for your service. I am getting married very soon and found that I had totally forgotten lingerie. Knowing that it is almost impossible to find lingerie for big women in local stores, I turned to the net and started scouring sites. Your company not only had some of the lowest prices but also offered Express shipping. Other sites said it would be up to a week just to get the product out the door - our day would have been over before I ever received it. I was a bit skeptical, as this was the first time I've dealt with your company, but you delivered as promised. Keep up the good work!

    J.C. St. Paul, MI

  • My husband and I just tried out the glow in the dark crotchless panties. They were all I'd hoped for. The Husband here definitely everything I'D hoped for thanks!

    J&J Penfield, NE

  • I've spent the past half hour or so perusing your website, which I stumbled upon by accident (I'm assuming by accident - I don't even remember how I got there). I have to say that I am impressed! Being a plus-size woman I've had trouble in the past finding beautiful, sexy, flirty lingerie in my size. Most of what I can find that fits, isn't really what I like. I want to look like the goddess-girl I am, not some frumpy housewife who doesn't much care. Your site is FULL of the kinds of things that, until now, I only wished I could find. I am in heaven and I think my boyfriend will be too. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

    M.M. Flushing NE

  • My most recent order was the Flower Lace Bodystocking in black. I tried it last night and it is the best thing I have ordered thus far! It is so easy to put on and take off. It is comfortable and cool which is great because the weather is getting hot. I even was comfortable to do laundry in it and eat dinner in it...HAHA!! I wear it around to do housework to give my husband a little visual stimulation. Because I have a larger bust I am difficult to fit, so that is one of the reasons for my excitement at finding this item. My husband loved it because it is see-through and stretchy, which allowed him to do whatever he pleased with his hands. He also loved that it is crotchless! I cannot tell you how happy I am with my latest find. I love all your lingerie because it fits so well and is so sexy and comfortable.


  • I love my new bra! I wear a 38DDD. I recently wore my new Lace Open Tip Bra to a Mardi Gras party under a black fitted blouse. My date could not keep his eyes off of me. So many times he said how beautiful I looked and asked what I had done differently. Only later did he discover my secret. Thank you for this special treat!

    Cassie G.

  • Thank you!!!! I can't remember when I placed this order of mine but all I could say is Thank you!! It came so quickly and I love it!!! When my husband returns from Iraq I think we're going to have a little too much fun considering I bought DVD of How To Strip. Awesome job! Thank you so very much. I will be purchasing more and bringing others with me. Thank you for looking out for the "BIG GIRLS"!!!!


  • I just wanted to write you and say thank you! I gave the outfit to my girlfriend on Saturday as a Christmas present and she loved it! It made her feel pretty and sexy. She looked so good in it. She insisted on keeping it on when we made love. It's the fist time she's worn clothing like this and now she loves it. Now she's browsing the site and is going to pick out something else that she likes for our weekend away. Thank you once again for all of your help.

    A very happy customer in Canada

  • My wife is a plus size lady. Recently we celebrated her 34th birthday - and our 10th wedding anniversary. She had been feeling down. I noticed she was looking for some intimate apparel to make our anniversary special a while back, but none was found in her size. Her birthday was coming up and I started looking around and found your site!!! Well I couldn't believe my eyes! Here was what she had been looking for, something that would bring her sex appeal and confidence up. I think she wondered if I still found her appealing, which I definitely do! Well I bought a baby doll outfit with the open panties and a sheer robe with a thong. We received them on the day of her birthday and was she ever surprised! Now I'm not going to say it made her a new woman or any other outlandish claims, but she has had a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face that I haven't seen for a very long time. Not to say it doesn't put a smile on my face either. So I thank you for your store and your fine selection. She has been looking through your site at other things to wear and I can hardly wait to see what she picks out for herself. Oh by the way, did I mention she is a nurse? I wonder if I could talk her into a nurse's uniform and we could play Doctor. What do you think?

    A Very Happy Husband in Memphis

  • I, being a full figured gal, just love your web sight; your lingerie is so sexy and it fits me so well and makes me feel so sexy. My husband loves when I go on your sight because that means that I am either buying something that will make him drool or that I'll be reading one of the sexy and romantic stories that make me hot.


  • Yes, there are a few of us average sized males who believe plus sized women have the corner market on sex appeal. Those heroin addict, skeletal looking, lettuce chomping fashion models truly turn me off. Even the Three Little Pigs knew you didn't build a house out of sticks if you're going to spend any time in it. So when I recently discovered this website I immediately signed up for the newsletter. I'm supposed to be working right now but every day this week I find myself coming back to this site. Sexy, it is. More letters, you need. I agree that each and every one of you curvaceous women need to flaunt their robust, lusty bodies unashamedly.

    G.L. Grand Rapids, MI

  • I am commenting about a newsletter that I read from Hips and Curves. A reader asked if curvy women get noticed as much as skinny women. I believe that if a woman feels sexy and beautiful, that is what she expresses to others. If you take the time to give special attention to the special person you are, either with clothing, make-up, sexy lingerie a new hairstyle, etc. Then I truly believe it shows. I am a curvy lady, full of confidence. There is nothing better than getting dressed up in the most sexiest outfit, that shows all my awesome curves, and watch men look me up and down when I walk by. I have met several men that say there is nothing better than a curvaceous woman that is proud of who she is.

    Shelly in Alturas, CA

  • I just received my order. I am planning on celebrating my 16th anniversary with my husband in Mexico in three weeks, and was very pleased that not only did the order arrive in time, but everything was correct. The pictures on your website do not do the colors of the lingerie Hips & Curves! Everything was gorgeous and a perfect fit! It's nice to find a place that makes plus sized clothes that are flattering, yet sized in such a way that one may order with confidence.

    Angela - Turlock, CA

  • I received my order on Friday and all my man could say was,

    "DAYUM....DAM DAM DAM!!!!!!!!"

    so, thanks for the fast shipment, and the lovely teddy!!!!!!

    L. Taylor

  • To whom it may concern, I wanted to take a moment & let you know how nice it's been to find your web site. I had been looking for some new & "fun" wardrobe additions & you have it all. I recently purchased a couple different items. The delivery was amazingly fast, and the pricing was reasonable. I also find your site refreshing in the fact that you make shopping for these types of items what it should be; exciting, fun, and not dirty... (Unless you want it to be!) I look forward to shopping more with your company. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.

    R.T. Tallahassee, FL

  • I am so excited I found your site! I'd never heard of you before, but you can believe that I will be back for more. Not only are the prices sweet, but the selection has everything from tasteful virgin to nasty slut!!! My husband is going to LOVE you guys. I'll bet he'll NEVER get upset that I'm spending money on your website.

    D.D. Seattle, WA

  • I ordered a baby doll peignoir. It arrived today and I love it!! I just ordered another of a different style. I've been to every plus-size oriented retail store imaginable and could never find anything I liked or that fit me right. I will recommend this site to all my friends!

    M.D. Colorado Springs, CO

  • I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the help you've given. I'd love to know more about your company. How large are you guys? It's so refreshing to find a company who truly understands what Customer Service means. I leave tomorrow for Bar Harbor where I am going to meet up with my long distance love interest, Sam. I've told him how great you've been and he sends his thanks as well. We're taking a cruise in February, so you know I'll be ordering more stuff!

    S.S. Wake Forest, NC

  • THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I will never buy lingerie from any other website but yours. I have already recommended you to two of my friends. You are wonderful! Thanks again!

    C.C. Layton, UT

  • My boyfriend, Matthew, absolutely loves my thighs. I'm on the bigger side, 14/16 to be exact and I have a 38D chest. He loves it when I'll drive over to his house wearing nothing but a pair of sexy lace panties and the right bra. His favorite thing to do is to have me lie down, and put his head on my thighs. I don't know why that is really, what's so arousing about my thighs. He says he likes women who have a bit more to them, "I like the chicks who go for the meat and potatoes, not the air crisps and lettuce only chicks." Those are his exact words! So don't worry ladies. Plus sized women are ten times more gorgeous than skinny ones. So be proud! Dress sexy! Strut your stuff!

    K.G. Wooster, OH

  • I sent an order to your company and requested 2nd Day Air delivery. I was pleasantly surprised when the package came a day after the order was filled. My wife and I have not yet had the time to enjoy our purchase, but the speed and professionalism with which this was dealt with has brought a smile to my face. I am sure it will be surpassed, however, when I see my wife in this lovely leather corset. Thank you for being a plus size lingerie store and thank you for the quick and courteous manner our business was handled. You will have my business again and that of my close friends and family. I know several other plus size ladies who would love to see the items you offer.

    Thank you so much!

    M.D. Colorado Springs, CO

  • I am a supervisor in the customer support division in my department and the service you provided me with is what I would love to see out of my people. Thank you for the excellence and professionalism.

    Thank you so much!

    T.T. in California

  • Consider yourself "bookmarked" on my computer. I'm thrilled to see what you're doing. Your customer photo gallery is neat. I think we'll be seeing a lot more women of our "stature" in the market, especially with body image coming to the front. When larger sized women fell "worth it" we'll adorn ourselves happily and confidently.

    Liz A. Ontario, Canada

  • I just wanted to send an email regarding one of your customer service representatives. She helped me with a return and was polite and professional and quick to respond. I just wanted to let you know that I am happy with my purchases, as well as the great customer service!!! I spent 8 years working as a Financial Analyst and Supervisor for Customer Financial Services with a major telecom company and I know that helping and keeping customers happy is what keeps them coming back.