Top 3 Must-Have Valentine’s Day Outfit Details

We heart Valentine’s Day here at Hips & Curves, for obvious reasons. And we want to remind you that we’re here to help you put together the perfect outfit for that specific romantic dinner (or day!) that you might be planning. Just talk to one of our consultants for some advice on a great Valentine’s Day look for you.

Here are the top 3 things we always have to remind people of, to get you started:

1. Don’t forget your legs. There’s nothing quite like the feel of a perfect pair of silky stockings. Somehow, even the sound they make as you’re walking is sensual. What better way to highlight than with a set of thigh-high stayups? And don’t forget some graphic detail to add some interest to a little black (or red, or white!) dress. Our signature Lace Top Sheer Thigh High Stay Ups are a staff favorite.

2. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about sexy. Probably the thing we love most about Valentine’s Day is that, if you’re celebrating with someone, that person probably loves you for being you. So: Are you playful? A comfy T-shirt kind of girl? A hopeless romantic? Be true to you, whether you’re planning a day out or your outfit for it–that’s the most attractive thing of all.

3. Engage all the senses. People always forget: It’s not just about the way you look. The olfactory sense is by far the best at evoking memories, and our sense of touch can tip something casual into sexy territory, so make sure to put all of our senses to work this Valentine’s Day with something like our massage lotion, or a special scent.

February’s right around the corner. Have a look at our web site, chat to our consultants; let’s make this Valentine’s Day your most romantic, playful, and sensuous ever.

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