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Check Out The Non-Lame Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts

You guys, it’s almost time to celebrate our mothers!

This is a day whose meaning is almost overshadowed by the process of picking out a gift for the recipient. A quick search for “Mother’s Day Gifts” on the internet reveals an unsurprising, stress-driven lack of diversity: Flowers. Jewelry. Edible bouquets. (???)

We wanted to help make the process a little easier. We’ll do it byΒ reminding you that your mama is, first and foremost, a human being. Second, she is a woman. With those two parameters in mind, here are a few other things that’ll make the job of picking out a present for your mama so much easier:

She was a person before she became a mother. We know, we know. It’s hard to believe: there was a time when her world did not rotate around her family. Ask yourself what she loves to do, not what she would like to get from you, her offspring. Ask yourself what she loves.

She has people in her life other than her family. Your mama (or the mother of your children) has friends. Other family members. Ask them what they think your mama would like, if you’re really stuck. Or maybe gift her a day out with these people. (Not on Mother’s Day, obviously. Mother’s Day is for spending with YOU, her clamoring offspring. Clearly.)

The mother of your children is still a sensual being. (This one’s for the fathers out there celebrating their partners.) Your partner still wants to feel sexy. Like a woman. She’ll never forget she’s a woman; neither should you.

She hasn’t stopped learning and growing. Life does not stop once you have children. Your partner or your mother has time and space ahead to spend on things other than Mother’s Day brunches. So maybe consider what she’d love to learn to do, or experiences she’d love to have, that will celebrate her.

How are you planning on celebrating your mother this year? Tell us in the comments below.

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