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How Plus Size Social Media Is Changing The Beauty Standard

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Social media is giving plus size women a platform they have never had before.

And the beauty industry is finally noticing and changing.

Before the rise of social media it was almost impossible for plus size women to see women like themselves in the media. In print, on TV, and in films plus size women were relegated to a handful of sidekick roles that were never the romantic lead. But social media gave plus size women the platform they needed to carve out a place for themselves in the beauty industry and celebrate their beauty. Now social media influencers that are plus size are dominating fashion and attracting millions of followers because more than 50% of women are considered plus size and they want to see women like themselves. They want to see plus size women that are look great, living their best lives, and talking about what it’s like to be a plus size woman in a world that isn’t size friendly.

And brands are noticing. More and more brands are embracing plus size fashion and beauty influencers and hiring them to promote their products. And the more companies realize that diversity and embracing all body types is good for business the more that women will see women like themselves reflected in magazines and in print and online ad campaigns. But plus size social media starts are still the heart of plus size social media impact and using social media gives them the perfect platform to connect with real women everyday.

Seeing plus size women of all sizes and shapes expressing their individuality, sensuality, and personality on social media is changing the way that culture views female beauty. As more and more plus size women refuse to conform to the long standing image of cultural beauty that is a super thin white woman it gives other women the confidence to be proud of their own curves and to develop their own unique styles instead of spending time and energy trying to conform to an arbitrary standard of beauty. What is seen becomes culturally accepted, so the more plus size women share their selfies and their stories as plus size women in this culture the more accepted body diversity is.

When plus size women began to take advantage of the opportunities that social media gave them to connect with other women and subvert the traditional beauty industry they probably didn’t realize the impact that social media would eventually have. But now social media is what sets trends and leads the way in fashion and beauty and the fashion and beauty industries are struggling to catch up. Social media has given plus size women the chance to lead fashion and beauty just be being themselves and celebrating their own styles.

Now because of their efforts fashion and beauty standards are changing. More and more retailers are specializing in plus size clothing and beauty brands are promoting more diversity in their ads after realizing that expanding their definition of beauty is definitely good for business. But the plus size influencers and bloggers that are setting these trends are committed to continuing to empower women and showcase style diversity. That’s good news for women, because studies now have shown that social media can actually improve self-esteem. When women look at social media images that show women who look like them it can boost their confidence and self-esteem. So following plus size social media stars can give women the confidence to post their own photos and selfies expressing their unique style. And by doing that they will empower other women.

There’s no doubt that social media can have a negative influence when it’s not carefully curated. Trolling, especially concern trolling, is something that plus size women deal with on social media every day. But social media can be a tool of empowerment and cultural change as well. Plus size women, who are the majority in the US, are finally getting their rightful place in the beauty world thanks to social media and the women who are celebrating body positivity on social media every day. Visit our Instagram and other social media pages to see some of our favorite plus size social media feeds and submit your own by tagging us @hipsandcurves


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