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Four Great Things About Being Single for the Holidays

This is part of a series on New Year’s resolutions to #BeFullyYou. Here, Ashley Morgan, the founder of the fashion and lifestyle blog From Head to Curve, tells us about being single for the holidays, and how that helps her to stay committed to self-care. 

If you’re like me, you are walking into the holidays this year single as a dollar bill. Some girls may be sad about that, but I’m not. I’m personally glad that we are out of the mind frame that women have to be in a couple to be complete and happy.

But if you’re not quite there yet, here are four reasons to be happy about being single during the holidays:

You get to do whatever you want, whenever you want

I don’t know about you guys, but I love not answering to anyone! If I want to lie around in bed relaxing for most of my holiday vacation then that is exactly what I am going to do. When you’re in a relationship (a good one at that), you’ll find yourself conversing with your significant other and sometimes sacrificing what you want to do so you guys can do what they want to do. Hopefully the favor is returned, but hey…who knows when, right?

Well, the holidays are a perfect time to indulge ourselves: single people get to do everything we’ve ever wanted to do, but haven’t had the time to make happen. If you want to travel with your family for the holidays, do it. If you want to go somewhere by yourself for the holidays, then do that. It’s all up to you right now, because this is your time to focus on yourself.

Holiday sales are all for you

This is my favorite thing about being single during the holidays. All of the sales are used for me! I get most of my Christmas shopping for my family and friends done as well, but a lot of the shopping is consumed on me. Pretty much everything I have not wanted to spend that pretty penny on during the year, I will push back to the holiday season. This way I walk away with what I want for almost half the price.

I know of a couple who agrees to get each other nothing for Christmas. That’s just weird, so you usually have to get something for your significant other during the holidays. It’s just polite! This season is our most extravagant, so you can rack up quite a tab buying things for your partner, especially if they have expensive tastes–like I do.

You can focus exclusively on your family

My family is loving, caring, talented, affectionate, and peaceful. So, when I am not consumed with work and they are free, we are definitely hanging. The holiday season makes for great reasons to spend quality time with your family.

In a relationship, you meet your significant other’s friends and family. New people mean new experiences and traditions. But we’re not usually as comfortable with another family as we are with our own. And if you’re in a couple during the holidays, that means splitting family time. Your family may get only Thanksgiving, only Christmas, or only New Year’s, or maybe a portion of all three. (Let’s not mention the possibility of your partner’s family being a hot mess.) So, cherish the times you get to spend the entire holiday season with your beautiful family. And, if your friends are your family, well, then you get the best of both worlds, without having to offend your partner’s family.

Singledom will not last

Whether you care about being in a relationship in the future or not, there is always someone checking you out. Your future partner may be watching you right now, debating their next move. So don’t think being single will last forever, because there is always someone on the prowl for your sweet love!

Enjoy this precious time of being single. Focus on yourself, because time flies. Before you realize it, you could have a husband, 3 kids, 2 car notes, a mortgage, and an entire business to run. Then you’ll realize: The next time you’ll have time to focus on yourself may be really far away. Like, knitting-and-sitting-in-a-rocking-chair-while-watching-black-and-white-Westerns far away. So live it up!

Comment below! What should we know about being single during the holidays?


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