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My Plus Size Tights are Not Your Bodystockings

This post is a part of a series on New Year’s Resolutions. Tell us yours in the comments below.

This morning, something ugly rolled across our timelines: a post from the Today show, detailing some e-tailer’s really bad decision to show straight-size models tucking all of themselves into plus-size tights.

So that’s how it’s going to go down, is it? You’re going to take our curves, and make them some kind of punchline? You’re going to take an item clothing that’s so basic, something that’s meant to show off our best assets, an item that’s meant to make us feel joyful and sexy, and you’re turning them into this?

Okay, let’s just give you the benefit of the doubt. Let’s just imagine the meeting that went down when the designer decided to make this choice.

“Hey!” said the designer to him or herself. “I know. We can illustrate just how big these are by putting someone in them! Let’s see…which model shall I call?”

That’s about as far as we get in the re-imagining of this, because we cannot bear to consider the giggling that went on as photographers and straight-size models got in on the fun.

That’s what this is, right? Fun? For whom? Look. Here’s how we’re going to deal with this thing, okay? We all know what the designer was thinking when they came up with this concept. Somewhere, deep down below, they let their inner bully take over. They decided that the best way to sell something was to appeal to every human’s worst instincts to laugh at someone else. To make the comparison between what they thought of as beautiful and what they thought of as grotesque.

So here’s our New Year’s challenge to all of you, straight size or plus-size: Dispense with the negativity. Keep your heads screwed on straight and don’t be swayed by people, corporations, or marketing hacks who can’t be more imaginative than false comparisons and gimmicks. We are better than this.


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