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Plus Size Bras to Wear with 6 Popular Holiday Styles

plus size holiday bras

So many holiday parties; so many holiday styles! What’s the best plus size bras to wear underneath each of them? More festive and even formal holiday attire requires that you match your bra to your outfit, or vice versa. It’s a lot like picking out the right shoes to compliment your clothing choices.

Here are six holiday fashions, and tips on the best bras to wear under each one:

1. Sheer and see-through tops and dresses. The “nearly naked” look isn’t just for celebrities on the Red Carpet. Strappy bra designs are made to be shown off. Wear them under mesh, lace, and other sheer materials.

Strappy Bra

Plus Size Strappy Bra, Black
2. Mock neck, cold shoulder or strapless styles. Here’s where you want to maximize your options. Convertible bras allow you to switch up straps and wear them in very different ways. Go for a criss-cross under t-back, open shoulder, or halter-neck outfits. You can leave them off completely when you need support under strapless tops and dresses, too.

5 Way Convertible Bra

Plus Size 5 Way Convertible Plus Size Bra, Black

3. Clingy satin, silk, or cashmere. These materials demand that your bra be almost invisible. That means no bumpy lace or multi-seam lumps. Here’s where a plain, t-shirt bra is your best friend. Look for smooth molded cups and make sure there’s enough coverage or you’ll end up with a quad-boob look (unless you prefer that look, which is also fine).

Pretty T-Shirt Bra

Plus Size Pretty T-Shirt Bra,Nude

4. Plunging or deep “v” necklines. Push-ups and plunge style bras are all about showing off cleavage. They give you more by lifting up and bringing your girls closer together. Plunge bras have a low center gore, and the cup design pushes your beast tissue forward. Push-up bras lift breasts higher up on your torso. Experiment with both to maximize the oomph factor.

Molded Underwire Bra With Push Up

Plus Size Molded Underwire Bra with Push-Up, Black

5. Scoop, square, and rounded necklines. Sometimes all you want is lift and separate your boobs for lovely, open décolletagede. Demi-bras do an excellent job. They will create a perky, sexy lift for outfits with a little more space in the cleavage area.

Layla Fold Down Lace Bra

Plus Size Layla Fold Down Lace Bra, Black

6. Lingerie as outerwear. Modern-day corsets make this look easy to pull off. Plus, you have a ton of options in materials: from more elegant satin to edgy leather. Underbust corsets give you a sexy hourglass figure when cinching in the waist of a column or empire bodice dress. Overbust corsets can be paired with jeans or velvet leggings, skirts, or play peek-a-boo from under a festive jacket. There are plenty of ways to make your lingerie the center of attention.

Allegra Steel Boned Satin Corset

Plus Size Allegra Steel Boned Satin Corset, Black

Mastering a great holiday style shouldn’t be hard work: With so many great options–and fun, sexy, lingerie to wear underneath them–you’ll be the belle of any holiday ball.

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