Embrace all that you are and Be Fully You
Be Fully You

Embrace All That You Are And Be Fully YOU

Social media is causing an all out health crisis among women and girls. Research is being done showing that women and girls, especially those who don’t fit societal stereotypes of conventional attractiveness, are facing skyrocketing depression and plummeting self-esteem,…

Body love at every size
Be Fully You

Body Love At Every Size

What would you do if someone looked you right in the eye and told you that you were perfect right now? Would you not believe them? Would you cry? Would you be uncomfortable? For a lot of plus size…

Be Fully You

5 Steps for Coping with Body Dysmorphia

I discovered my own Body Dysmorphia about a year ago, although I’m beginning to realize that its impact on my life has spanned almost three decades.  For as long as I can remember I’ve had a really poor relationship…

Body Acceptance vs. Body Positivity
Be Fully You

Body Acceptance VS Body Positivity

In the age of hashtags, Instagram and blogs, there aren’t many people who haven’t heard of the Body Positivity Movement. Body positivity is the celebration of all bodies, regardless of any real or perceived flaws.  The movement that has…

Be Fully You

How To Become A “Phenomenal Woman”

Let’s start by reading Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman”. The poem describes how, despite the doubt and disbelief of others, Maya exudes a feminine confidence that inevitably draws people towards her. You don’t have to appreciate poetry to understand…

Be Fully You

International Women’s Day

Last week, we celebrated International Women’s Day. There’s a glossy, beautiful web site set up for it, and national brands like McDonald’s, Brawny, and Mattel’s Barbie celebrated the day by, respectively, turning logos upside down, substituting women for their…