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Loving Yourself this Valentine’s Day

The season of love is more than plus size valentine’s day lingerie and celebrating our love for others. We think we should be celebrating a little love for ourselves, too. Here are five great ways to do that:

Loving yourself this Valentine's Day

Get used to calling yourself beautiful. 96 percent of women in a recent survey said they wouldn’t the word “beautiful” to describe themselves. Getting used to calling yourself beautiful can help you remember that it’s the way you see yourself that really matters.

Forget what other people think. A 2011 Ohio University study suggests that women who focus on how their bodies are functioning had greater appreciation for their bodies and for themselves. Check in with yourself on a regular basis: Your opinion is the only one that really matters.

Don’t apologize for being proud of yourself. 95 percent of women in a 2015 study feel they could apologize more, compared to 18 percent of men who feel like they apologize “too much.” Turns out, it might be because we’re perceiving something as offensive where others may not. So go on: Be unapologetically gorgeous. Nothing to be sorry for there.

Speak up. In a 2014 study, 38 percent of 1000 high-level female executives responded that they wanted to be directly addressed in meetings, or have questions asked directly to them. You may not be in the C-suite, but you can change this for yourself. Make yourself heard. Use definite language. The world’s your oyster.

Honor your truth. In a 2006 study from the London School of Economics, researchers found that 90 percent of girls 15-17 wanted to change something about their bodies. We know, the teen years are hard. But those girls are young women now, and we hope they’ve learned to love their bodies for the truth they hold: You. Are. Beautiful. Accept it. It’s real.

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