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Learning To Love Shapewear

A lot of women have a love/hate relationship with shapewear. And that’s easy to understand. The history of shapewear isn’t one that makes shapewear seem like a fun lingerie option. Every time fashion changed historically another piece of shapewear was developed to twist and bend a woman’s shape into the shape that was considered fashionable. Your mother or your grandmother probably wore a girdle every day from the time she was a teen until she couldn’t take it anymore. Sounds totally uncomfortable and stressful right? So it’s no wonder that in the 70s and 80s women started saying no to shapewear.

But shapewear has been forever changed by the creation of modern fabrics that use compression to smooth and provide support without requiring that you wrestle your way into them or have a second person standing by to zip them or hook them. Modern shapewear made from breathable fabrics that don’t cut off your circulation or your ability to breathe can boost your confidence and provide a lot of benefits. Consider these benefits of shapewear and you might just change your mind about embracing a few good quality pieces of shapewear as part of your daily lingerie:

Rago 6 Strap Smoothing and Shaping Garterbelt

Highlight Your Curves

The best way to highlight your curves is to choose clothes that skim your silhouette. But you can make your curves look even better with a good piece of shapewear underneath those body skimming clothes. High quality shapewear will accentuate your natural shape while smoothing you all over so that your curves look amazing. Good shapewear doesn’t hide your figure it helps you flaunt it. Some bodycon fashion dresses and jeans have shapewear built into them to really show off your curves.

It’s All About The Angles

When you go out with your friends you never know when someone is going to take a selfie or what angle they might catch you at. How many times has a friend tagged you in a photo on social media that made you uncomfortable because you didn’t like the way that photo made you look? If you’re wearing the right shapewear you will look great from any angle so you won’t need to be concerned when people are taking selfies. No matter what photo they post your silhouette will look great and you can relax when you get that notification that you’ve been tagged in a friend’s photo. And if you spend a lot of time on social media or if you vlog or you have a YouTube channel the right shapewear is essential so that you will look good no matter what angle the camera is at.

It’s Sexy

Shapewear is very sexy in a retro way and modern shapewear isn’t as ironlike as shapewear was in the past. So you get the sex appeal of vintage looking garters, girdles, and shapers without the vise like grip of those vintage shapers. Modern shapewear fabrics are thin and soft and use compression to shape instead of applying uncomfortable pressure to your body. You will feel sexy and confident knowing that you look fantastic on a romantic night in.

It Provides Support And Helps Your Posture

Sitting all day at a desk, like many people do, is really unhealthy and it can cause you to have bad posture. How often have you caught yourself slumped over your keyboard or tablet when you’re working? Too often, probably. All that slumping and sitting can make you slouch and round your shoulders. But a good piece of shapewear will make you hold your chest up tall, which will engage your abs, lift your chest, and keep your back straight and aligned so that you don’t slump forward. The gentle support from shapewear can be a big help in avoiding back and neck problems caused by poor posture.

It Eliminates Chafing

All women know what it’s like to deal with thigh chafing, especially in the heat of the summer. Wearing shapewear under light summer dresses will ensure that you don’t get caught in a Marilyn Monroe situation when the wind blows and that shapewear will eliminate thigh chafing when the temperature soars. Light shapewear leggings or shorts will smooth out and bulges on your thighs and hips too. If  you’re worried about panty lines from shapers choose a shaper that has a built in panty so that the shaper will lie smoothly and there won’t be any visible lines.


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