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Inspiring ways to keep your New Year’s Resolution

How are we doing, friends? We’re halfway through the first month of the new year, and we can say that some of our New Year’s Resolutions are still intact. We’re feeling inspired to keep at it as long we can.

But you know what? We’ve decided to give ourselves a pass, because if there’s something we know about New Year’s Resolutions–or any resolutions–it’s that change is good. Change is healthy. Change is how we know we’re still alive and kicking and taking in new information every single day.

Here are some more things we’ve learned about our New Year’s Resolutions over many, many years of failing to keep them.

Our brains work better on positives than on negatives. Hey, guess what? Our brains don’t actually process negatives very well. We work best when we think in positives. So if the New Year’s Resolution that you want the most keeps on eluding you, ask yourself if you’ve phrased it in a way that your brain understands. (Instead of “I won’t be lazy this year,” maybe try “I’ll make all my meetings walking meetings.”)

It’s okay to change your mind. Recently we met a woman who, in the midst of her divorce, decided to read all of her diaries, from age 9 on up. She said it was one of the most liberating, inspiring experiences of her life. “I’m always changing,” she said. “I changed when I was a girl, I changed in my twenties, I’m changing now; I will always change.” Have your priorities changed even in the short time we’ve been in the new year? That’s okay. They’ll probably change a couple times more, so don’t sweat it.

Everything is better with company. We saw a piece of advice recently that said we shouldn’t share our goals and expectations with anyone. This feels…well, it feels lonely, doesn’t it? Friends are inspiring, and they can make even the most onerous tasks feel better.

Learn to love the process. It’s one to thing to reap the rewards of a goal reached, whether that be socializing more, better productivity, or a healthier body image. But how do we get there? Guess what? It’s not about the goal at all. It’s about the road you take to get there. If you can love every step you take to reach your goal, you’ll find it’s much closer than you thought it was. And you’ll enjoy so many more days along the way.

What about you? How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions?

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