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In Loving Memory of Elly Mayday

It was a blessing and a pleasure to work with Elly Mayday over the years. Everyone at Hips & Curves is deeply saddened by her loss. Elly’s light and beauty came through not only in her photos, but behind the scenes as well. Elly was open about her journey with ovarian cancer, and we were fortunate to have been given an insight into her life, to share her struggles, her optimism, her authenticity when it got tough, and her drive to inspire others. She made an impact in the world.

Along Elly’s path she acquired surgery scars. She was never shamed by these marks. She saw her scars as symbols of strength; badges won during her fight against cancer. During our last photoshoot we talked about her scars and whether she’d want them to be shown or covered. She said she would be proud to have them shown. We hope she would be proud of these images. We are proud to have known this brave beautiful soul.

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