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Hips and Curves celebrates National Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month! Something about poetry makes us want to both curl up and watch the world go by and revel in the myriad of ways that exist to express ourselves. Poetry has the power to do that.

To celebrate with you, we found some awesome spoken-word poetry that reminds us to be body positive, like this amazing piece from Melissa May, about the Disney villain Ursula, or this one, about what makeup means to one artist, by iCon.  Or Rachel Wiley’s wonderful work on being loved by a skinny boy.

Listen to them all. And then sit down and take five more minutes to digest this one, from poet Mare Heron Hake:

All of Everything

I celebrate my hips each time

my lips dance my daughter’s name

my future and my history.

I soothe my love with these pink lips

and there, and there, I let us rest.


I walk to see the greening flower

the sweet blooms before they open–

I feel the wet and wind and cloud

and kneel before this ocean

of all that has ever been.


I am the moving sky, the wheeling crow

the robin or tern who must sing or screech–

I have a body and I have a voice

and I am all of everything

that has ever been.


I celebrate the gift of weight

my muscle–my sinew–my soul

it trembles– it roars–it carries

the world for I have a body

and I have a voice and I have a place

and I have a shape

and I am all of everything

that has ever been.

Mare Heron Hake lives in the Pacific Northwest. She is the Poetry Editor for Tahoma Literary Review. Her work expresses her awe of nature, her experience parenting “the other,” political voices, and feminism. Previous works have appeared in “Poets for Peace” anthology, Terrain.Org, and most recently in Come Shining, Essays and Poems on Writing in a Dark Time.

What poetry about body positivity do you love? Tell us in the comments below. 

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