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Get Pin-Up Girl Hot: Lessons from Hilda

We stumbled across some pin-up photos recently. You know, those gloriously sexy illustrations and photos that peaked in the 1940s and 50s? We think they have a lot to teach us about femininity, but then we found a set that really made our ears go up.

Meet Hilda, the creation of artist Duane Bryer:

Just look at her! She’s utterly gorgeous, totally female, so much fun. As we learned more about Hilda, we realized she had some life lessons to teach us. Let’s see:

No matter what it is, do it like it’s the best thing you’ve ever done.


It’s your world; remember you’re its queen.

Take joy in even the rainy days.


Love the mundane.


And finally, clothing is only part of what makes the woman.

All photos credit Duane Bryer’s Wonderful Hilda over at Facebook.

Can you imagine yourself as a pin-up girl? Tell us in the comments below!Β 

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