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I Love My Hips & Curves

I Love My Hips & Curves

Michelle of Laces, Bows & Secrets


#ilovemyhipsandcurves features stories of Hips & Curves’ community of amazing women, who are on the journey to be fully themselves. Tell us why you love your hips & curves and share your love of lingerie with us on Instagram–tag us @hipsandcurves, and include the hashtag #ilovemyhipsandcurves 

Plus size self confidence. Having lingerie has changed my life in ways that I never dreamed.

Everyone knows that confidence is sexy. I knew that. I wanted that for me.  But I couldn’t find my self confidence. It was hiding from all the well meaning store clerks who looked at me with pity when they told me that they didn’t carry my size. It was hiding from me while I avoided mirrors in my foundation garments.

Over the past 12 years my body had changed dramatically with age and pregnancies and life. I hadn’t fit into core size lingerie for over a decade. My experiences of trying to find pretty bras had left me in tears. My underwear predominantly came in packs of 6 from Target. My bras were medicinal. “Sexy” meant wearing black. My lingerie drawer was humiliating. I was living in a lingerie desert. It was pretty depressing.  Until my father’s cousin’s daughter, who I haven’t seen in a lifetime, changed my life with a Facebook post.

Finding links to lingerie stores that carried beautiful items in plus size was akin to a spiritual eureka. I made my first purchase at Hips and Curves a few weeks later. It took a couple of weeks to sift through all of the gorgeous items available to me. I will always remember my first order. The Burlesque corset, and the All Over Lace Short Shaper Skirt with garters and stockings.

I became obsessed learning all that I could. I became obsessed with beautiful lingerie in plus size.  I went from having essentially nothing, because that’s all I thought a woman my size could have (should have?) to a woman with a dedicated boudoir in a little over a year. I now have opinions on stockings! Believe me, eighteen months ago my only opinion on stockings would have been “maybe if I lose weight…”

My self confidence had been hiding deep inside me. And in finding the plus size lingerie industry that welcomed me, I found my buried self confidence. And she is sexy as hell.