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Be Fully You

International Women’s Day

Last week, we celebrated International Women’s Day. There’s a glossy, beautiful web site set up for it, and national brands like McDonald’s, Brawny, and Mattel’s Barbie celebrated the day by, respectively, turning logos upside down, substituting women for their…

Be Fully You H&C True Confessions

Dating in the age of #MeToo

It seemed so simple back then, didn’t it? Women got hit on, or subject to workplace harassment, and we called it just a part of life. Okay, maybe that part’s obviously not okay. But there’s some very real confusion…

Be Fully You

Manage Your Holiday Stress: #BeFullyYou

It’s that most stressful time of the year again. Between visitors and parties, there’s hardly any time to take care of yourself. But this is exactly the same time we want to practice good self-care, so that we can…

Be Fully You H&C

Proud to Be Woman-Owned

This holiday season, it’s more important than ever to give back, and we don’t just mean by making everyone feel beautiful by putting them in gorgeous underpinnings. No, the season of grace and giving means much more to us.…