Better Than Flowers and Chocolate: Great Valentine’s Alternatives

Great Valentine's Alternatives

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day to show off off your love for the one you love, whether that be dressing up in a gorgeous Valentine’s Day outfit, or letting them unwrap you to find some tart, sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie.

But it is Valentine’s Day, not just Valentine’s dinner, or even Valentine’s-in-the-sack, so we put our brains to work to find some alternatives to the ho-hum Valentine’s Day presents we all have inevitably received and given over the years.

This year, instead of chocolates and flowers, consider:

A little succulent garden. We’ll never get over how lush and long-lasting succulent plants can be. Yes, we know, they’re like the new Pet Rock, or whatever, but still. These little guys charm anyone with their infinite shapes and varieties and colors, and they’ll last a long, long time.

A day out. Yeah. Spend the whole day together. Give yourself carte blanche. Is it binge-watching Supernatural, complete with commentary? Is it meandering aimlessly around town? Or is it a wine-tasting tour? Give it a try. After all, Valentine’s is a day to do what you love with whomever you love.

A better way to chocolate. If your Valentine really loves chocolate, why not give them a tour of a chocolate factory, or, better yet, take a workshop with them on how to make it? A quick search will turn up a number of options in your area. We found quite a few, including this one, with options all the way through spring, 2017.

Okay, one for the bedroom. Have you seen our Fifty Shades of Grey (TM) kit? How about trying something really new with your Valentine? Our Hard Limits Universal Restraint Kit will definitely up the ante.

What was your favorite Valentine’s Day gift ever? And what are you planning for this year?

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