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5 Essentials To Create An Instagram Worthy Plus Size Halloween Costume

Instagram Worthy Halloween

If you want to make sure that your Halloween costume is popping in photos for your social media feed but you’re stuck when it comes to great costume ideas don’t worry. With the right basic pieces you can put together multiple costumes for a fantastic photo shoot that will give you the kind of social media ready photos that you want to share for Halloween. If you are not sure yet what costume you want to create or you have so many ideas that you can’t choose one all you need are these five basic pieces and you can create dozens of different costumes and looks that are ready for Halloween parties and social media:

Stockings Or Tights

Stockings or tights can really pull an otherwise basic outfit together and take it to the next level. Take a plain black dress and pair it with black and purple striped tights or black and white striped tights and add some whimsical makeup and you’re a Tim Burton character. Or wear thigh highs with back seams and a simple black wiggle dress and pin curls and you’re rocking that pin up girl look. Fishnet tights, worn alone or over other tights, are a classic Halloween accessory and add a bit of sexiness to otherwise plain outfits. Invest in several different pairs of tights and stockings so that you have lots of options, and so that you’ll have some backups in case you get a run. The right stockings and tights will take an outfit and transform it into a Halloween look.


Just like stockings and tights gloves are a fun way to pull together an outfit into a costume. Since most people don’t wear gloves on a regular basis they’re a fun addition to a costume that will make you feel more festive and add a lot to your outfit. There are so many different kinds of gloves that you can choose from that you can add a pair of gloves to any costume. Short lace gloves, fingerless leather gloves, long satin opera length gloves or even fishnet gloves are all good gloves to have around. Gloves are not that expensive so you can afford to get several different kinds. That way you can change up your Halloween look for photos and create a different mood or look in different photos.

A Corset Or Cincher

Callista Steel Boned Corset with Buckles

Accentuating your silhouette is always a good idea when you’re taking photos, especially photos for social media. So adding a waist cincher or wearing a corset as part of your costume is a very smart way to make your silhouette look great in photos. And a corset or a cincher will make sure that you look good from any angle. That will give you a little more creative freedom when it comes to choosing poses and themes for your photos because you will know that you can play with perspective and angles and you will still look great. Corsets can turn any Halloween outfit into a feminine and romantic costume. And waist cinchers can work miracles when it comes to take an ordinary dress or costume and recreating it as a sexy costume. Cinchers in materials like latex and PVC add a little dark edge to a costume while cinchers and corsets in classic materials like silk, brocade, and lace look feminine and sweet.

A Shaping Slip

A shaping slip is a must have for two reasons when it comes to getting great photos for Instagram and social media. The first reason is because you can wear just the slip with boots or tights and other accessories to create a sleek and sexy costume that will also give you a fantastic silhouette in photos. And the second reason is that you can wear the slip under a costume to hold everything in place and give you the curves that will make your photos pop.

A Hat Or Fascinator

Hats and fascinators or even wigs are also fun ways to take your costume to the next level and they look fantastic in photographs. From whimsical to real inspired vintage designs hats and fascinators will highlight your great hair color and be the perfect finishing touch for your costume. There is no such thing as over the top when it comes to hats or fascinators because they are such a focal piece of costumes. So go big and choose headpieces that have feathers, sequins, beading, and other embellishments to make your social media Halloween photos the ones that everyone will want to look at and share.



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