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How to Have a Very Hips and Curves Halloween

Listen. Do you hear that noise? It’s the sound of a million women screaming as they scour the shelves for a costume that speaks to them, and isn’t just something pulled from the headlines. Seriously, if we see another mask of a politician’s face, we’re going to scream.
Yep, we have a pretty serious problem with Halloween some days. Everywhere we turn, it’s cookie-cutter outfits that leave so little to the imagination. It’s been like this for years, it feels like! But, check this out: while the “tradition” of dressing up like pop culture icons only dates back to the 1960s, people first started dressing up on Halloween to honor the dead.
Already, you can tell this idea of dressing up on Halloween has a mishmash of a past, and we haven’t even gone all the way back to its pagan roots! Still, let’s run with the spirit of the thing, and create some of our own ideas for Halloween dress-up.

  • Consider a costume that reflects your alter-ego. Are you a modern, with-it girl, who’s always up with the latest technology and the newest restaurants? Consider dressing up like a vision from the past. Or are you more of a daredevil, the one who’ll try everything? Well, maybe this is time to drag out a pretty variation on the angel costume.
  • Get a costume that really speaks to you. Start with a piece that feels like you might want to wear out even if it’s not Halloween. Corsets are remarkably variable pieces, and you’d be surprised how much pizazz a great jacket can give a pair of nice, dark, jeans. Plus, don’t forget: You’re still you under all that costuming, so won’t it be fun to base your costume around a piece that kind of feels like you?
  • Don’t stop at a costume that reflects pop culture. Plan a costume that tells people what you’re interested in. We’re talking, of course, about cosplay. Is your favorite film based in steampunk Victoriana? Think about what a beautiful costume you can put together with just a few accessories and some key lingerie. (Definitely pick something you’d wear again if you go this route!)

Whichever way your choose to dress up this Halloween, remember to be yourself. You’ll have so much more fun that way.

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