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In Spring, Our Fancies Turn to … Lucky Underwear?


I admit, I’ve always conflated the St. Patrick’s Day “wearing of the green” with “luck o’ the Irish.” Turns out, they’re not related, just coincidental. Still, what’s to say green can’t be a lucky color? (In any case, it keeps us all from getting pinched March 17, which is pretty lucky, even if by design.)

In any case, that got me thinking: What colors are lucky around the world? A quick search gives us these results:

Latin America, you wear red underwear for luck in love on New Year’s Eve.

Thailand, you wear yellow for happiness and peace, especially on Mondays (Thailand has a color for each day of the week).

Puerto Rico, you wear white for fertility and health.

So many different things to remember!

Here in America, we like to think of luck as something that just happens to people. Turns out, that’s not necessarily so. Studies show you can train yourself to be open to opportunities. Increased opportunities mean increased possibilities, which mean more openings for what looks like luck to come your way. What’s the old adage? “Be in the right place at the right time”?

Sure. But when that right place, right time happens. you want to make sure you’re there.   Dress up to the nines in your favorite (lucky?) color, or wear your favorite lucky underwear.   Maybe that’s enough to give you the added confidence boost you need to make all the ducks line up in a row for you. Studies prove that, too.

So go on. Get lucky. Any day of the year.

What’s your favorite lucky ritual? Tell us in the comments below. 


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