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Be Fully You

Be Fully You

The Beauty of Being Fully Alive

There are over 22,000 self-help books about happiness on Amazon. But happiness alone doesn’t make a full human experience. And “happiness” always sounds kind of generic, like “sunshine”, “blue skies”, and “vanilla”. We’re each a complex mix of messy…

Love being single on NYE
Be Fully You

4 Reasons to Love Being Single Over New Year’s

Oh, sure, no one to kiss, blah blah blah. How about this? How about, limitless numbers of people to kiss, and no one would look sideways at you for it? But seriously: New Year’s is a great time to…

hipsandcurves uplifting tribe
Be Fully You

Find Your Uplifting Tribe

It was only the second time I had seen my friend since we had both given birth. We carried our daughters in front-packs, walking through the shopping plaza on Kauai in Hawaii, conversing about how much our lives had…

Hips & Curves Cold Plaster Blog
Be Fully You True Confessions

Cold Plaster

When I was young and crazy and living in San Francisco, I met a man with a beautiful Italian accent, a mane of dark hair, and an annoying clove cigarette habit. He called himself a sculptor. We will call…

season of gratitude hips and curves
Be Fully You

Season of Gratitude

A friend of mine keeps a gratitude journal. In it, as her only concrete reminder of the day, half daily diary, half meditation, she lists three things she’s grateful for, every single day. I find this a nice idea.…

Donate Your Bra, 20% Off!
Be Fully You H&C

Donate A Bra, Support A Woman In Need.

Do you have extra gently used bras that no longer fit?  Your old bra could benefit women and girls in desperate need, and help the environment.  The Bra Recyclers is a leading bra recycling company that has partnered with Ambassadors…

Be Fully You My Story Evelyn
Be Fully You

My #BeFullyYou Story: Evelyn

We asked women to share stories about that moment something inside them changed and they made the decision to be fully themselves.  Share your stories with us at [email protected] or by tagging us on Instagram @hipsandcurves using the hashtag #BeFullyYou A moment for…

Be Fully You

Alicia Machado’s Lesson for Us All

Encouraging body positivity is what we do here at Hips & Curves. We don’t usually get involved with politics. Frankly, we don’t think our bodies should be used as political talking points at all. We’re talking about Alicia Machado, folks. We’re talking…

Dating With Low Self-Esteem
Be Fully You

Dating With Low Self-Esteem

I would always pull the same guy — the bencher. You know, the guy who likes being around you but doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you, so he keeps you around until he can find something…